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Boris Bacic

Season 11, Ep. 4

Boris Bacic is a prolific writer whose horror novels have dominated both traditional and self-publishing platforms, claiming the coveted #1 bestselling ranks.

He joins Vince on the show to discuss his recent work "Mirror World."

They discuss the multiverse theory of the universe, the research he does in order to write from the point of view of a younger character, his navigation of the fine line between prolific output and being a workaholic, as well as his upcoming work.







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  • 4. Ligia Cushman

    Ligia Cushman is a Dominican-American writer who explores themes of romance, betrayal, and magick through narratives centered on women of color, defying traditional fantasy tropes while offering a refreshing perspective in the genre.She joins Vince on the show to discuss her first work in the Mose Chronicles "Rise of a Dark Throne."They discuss the topography and cosmology of Transea, the inspiration for bioluminescence, the travails of writing sex scenes, and the best platform to market your book on.Website:
  • 3. Wrath James White

    Wrath James White is a name synonymous with visceral horror and unflinching narratives. Formerly a world-class heavyweight kickboxer and a master of martial arts, Wrath has transitioned from physical battles in the ring to the psychological skirmishes on the page, crafting stories that push the boundaries of horror literature.He joins Vince on the show to discuss his latest work "Rabbit Hunt." They discuss his references to Eldridge Cleaver and the civil rights movement, the challenges of stand-up comedy, the many ways people misunderstand the themes behind his work, as well as his writing process and the adaptation of his work into a film.Amazon:
  • 2. Sabrina Voerman

    Sabrina Voerman is a writer of novels and short stories from Vancouver Island, who has a passion for fairy tales and all things witchy but puts her own dark aesthetic spin on them. She joins Vince on the show to discuss her latest novel, "Ashen Heart." They delve into the challenges of marketing, spontaneous character development, motorcycles, life in Canada, as well as her likes and dislikes of different elements of witches and vampires.Website: Voerman:
  • 1. Christa Carmen

    Christa Carmen, a Bram Stoker Award-nominated author from Rhode Island, draws inspiration from the ghosts of the past and the hidden depths of nature. She joins Vince on the show to discuss her newest work of gothic horror, "The Daughters of Block Island." They delve into her personal and indirect experience with addiction as a substance abuse counselor, her love for old houses and mansions, her writing process, the essential ingredients of a gothic novel, and her relationship with her characters.Website:
  • 9. Kristopher Triana

    Kristopher Triana, an acclaimed author whose pen churns out not only horror but also gripping crime fiction.Titles like "Full Brutal," which snagged the 2019 Splatterpunk Award for Best Horror Novel, "Gone to See The River Man," "Shepherd of the Black Sheep," and "The Thirteenth Koyote" have set benchmarks in the genre.He joins Vince on the show to discuss his latest work "The Old Lady." They discuss introversion, wilderness survival, modern-day gender roles, childhood trauma, and the future of extreme horror.Website:https://www.trianahorror.comX:
  • 8. Aron Beauregard

    Award-winning splatterpunk author Aron Beauregard hails from Central Falls, Rhode Island. With a writing style that knows no limits, he has firmly established his presence in the horror community through his ABHorror brand. In this episode, he joins Vince to delve into his latest work, "Through the Eyes of Desperation: The Red Version." They discuss addiction, the intricate construction of the world of "Shadows Casino," the intense and brutal casino games along with their corresponding eccentric characters, as well as the finer details of managing one's own brand and the intricacies of self-publishing.Website: https://www.abhorror.comSubstack:https://aronbeauregard.substack.comX:
  • 7. Jack Moody

    In this episode, we dive into the world of Jack Moody, a prolific author whose literary footprint spans the unsettling realities of "Crooked Smile," and the existential ponderings of "The Monotony of Everlasting." As we eagerly anticipate the 2024 release of his latest works, "The Absence of Death" and "Miracle Boy," we take a closer look at Moody's journey through the literary world.Formerly a contributor to Return Magazine, The Bel Esprit Project, and Brick Moon Fiction, Jack Moody’s narratives have captivated readers across various esteemed platforms, including Expat Press, The NoSleep Podcast, and The Saturday Evening Post. Residing in Portland, Oregon, Moody’s environment seeps into the crevices of his writing, painting vivid backdrops for his complex characters and twisted plots.He joins Vince on the show to discuss his recent work "Children of Apothetae." They discuss the travails of mental and physical health issues and the point at which they blur, addiction, nihilism, and the meaning of life, as well as his literary progression and upcoming work.Amazon:
  • 6. Chance Noir

    Chance Noir is a writer of dark speculative fiction and a connoisseur of strategy games.He joins Vince on the show to discuss his recent collection of short stories, "Death In Small Doses."They explore the meaning and essence of existence, the concept of being the architects of our own extinction through nuclear warfare, as well as the research and mythology behind Chance's stories.Amazon:
  • 5. Rob Weldon

    In this episode, we delve into the life and creative process of Rob Weldon, the mastermind behind "The Omnist Series." Residing in Los Angeles as a post-modern monk, Rob's decision to live without internet or cable has fueled his imagination, giving birth to the expansive universe of his series. Despite his solitary lifestyle, Rob's affinity for craft beer adds a flavorful twist to his character. He joins Vince on the show to discuss "Consumia's Spiritual Emporium: Book One of the Omnist Series." Together, they delve into the concept behind the Omnist app, the blend of magic and consumerism, the distinction between religion and spirituality, and his writing process, as well as his upcoming work.Amazon: and Noble:;jsessionid=6DCDE05CAFC978E6915000AFC63DE042.prodny_store02-atgap03?Ntk=P_key_Contributor_List&Ns=P_Sales_Rank&Ntx=mode+matchallFacebook:"Mind of MIdgard" horror narration channel: