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  • 5. S2 Ep5 - Lisa Gibson - Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Having been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lisa didn't know where to turn. Having been a mover all her life, she wanted to gain back the energy to move her body. Pilates gifted her this, over time becoming stronger. Although she still has to manage her energy levels, she is back to health and even trained as a Pilates teacher thanks to her love of the method.We acknowledge that this is by no means a quick fix, or even a fix by any means. CFS and ME are chronic illnesses that need managing. Lisa shares her story if only wishing to help others find some way of returning to "normality".

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  • 4. S2 Ep4 - Teacher Profile - Kate Mercer and working with osteoporosis

    Although having been a primary school teacher for many years, Kate Mercer was unsure she could teach Pilates. And yet here she is, with an at home studio, working with bodies diagnosed with osteoporosis. In this episode we touch on the imposter syndrome experienced, but how with support from those around her Kate her flourished into a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher. Strong, Steady and Straight - exercise guidelines published by the Royal Osteoporosis Society For risk checker questionnaire on their front page Ward’s hub of online information around body, movement and in particular, feet! https://online.movingfascia.comAna Barretxeguren with online movement library Coppock’s Studio for teacher training
  • 3. S2 Ep3 - Cathy Burdett and her client Rosanna - How Pilates benefits Spina Bifida

    Having been born with Spina Bifida, Rosanna has experienced many types of therapy for her body. She's found Pilates has enabled her to be more able in her everyday life than any other physiotherapy and she willingly shares her story with us.
  • 2. S2 Ep2 - Teacher Profile - Cat Proudfoot - Taking the Leap

    Find out more about your host Cat Proudfoot and how she came to be a Pilates teacher and where and how her teaching and business have evolved over the years. Taking the leap of faith from a corporate PA role and transforming that into a successful Pilates Studio in Margate.@proudfootpilates
  • 1. S2 Ep1 - What, why and how do we come to Pilates

    In this series we explore how some of our teachers came to be where they are today and where their special interests have taken them. We wanted to share how and why we as teachers came to Pilates and start to introduce some specialist subjects, this has become and introduction of some of our teachers and how they came to be where they are today. We hope this perhaps inspires you to perhaps start Pilates, investigate more into a specialist subject, or perhaps share with clients and friends who are unsure about starting their Pilates journey. We look forward to you learning that little bit more about us
  • 7. Episode 7: Fascia-nation with Gary Carter

    Gary Carter talks about how he came to be so fascinated with the body and his Anatomy & Movement courses for professional yoga and Pilates teachers.Gary Carter has worked with the Pilates Foundation for the last 10 years, get to know him better in this podcast and look out for his upcoming online Pilates Foundation workshops. His dedication to myofascial research can be applied to all movement methods and will deepen your understanding of the body for your own teaching practice. Read more about FR:EIA here and find out more about Gary Carters Anatomy & Movement courses here.
  • 6. Episode 6: Pt2: My Boobs Tried To Kill Me Twice with Mel Coupland

    We left off last time with Mel at the end of her radiology treatment and at the beginning of her scar tissue release work, not knowing the next part of her story. We have so much we wanted to include in this episode that I’ve tried not to ask too many questions of Mel. However, Mel will be teaching an online class for Pilates Foundation members on Sunday 18th September specific to her experience with breast cancer and Pilates. You will be able to book that through the Pilates foundation website shortly. We’d love you to join us and of course will offer a Q&A session. If you’re unable to make that date, please do email me at and I can ensure we ask Mel your questions for you to catch up on on the recording. I just wanted to mention that we do discuss surgery and injections, and although we don’t go into great detail, you may wish to know that this will come up. Read More about Mel's recommended aftercare - please check in with your health professional before usingAlhydran - Medical after care for the skin - for working with scar tissue release Bapscarcare - Bapscarcare is a medical, silicone therapy that ensures quicker and improved healing of the skinKnitted Knockers - prosthetic boobs are heavy and sweaty, knitted knockers is a UK based charity providing free knitted knockers