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  • 101. Ep. 101: The Creativity Effect (ft. Alyssa Rosenheck)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with her close friend Alyssa Rosenheck. Alyssa is an entrepreneur, a published author, activist, and creative. Alyssa shares her journey starting her career in the corporate world and the life changing cancer diagnosis that inspired her to pursue a career as a creative. Tune in!

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  • 100. Ep. 100: The Nashville Dream (ft. Ashlie Amber)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with Ashlie Amber, a developing artist in Nashville. Ashlie talks about what led her to move to Nashville and reflects on certain milestones in her career that she is proud of. Tune in!
  • Ep. 99: Life Update

    Coming to you live (not really) from Florida. Josh and Tara are at their home in Florida to get some much needed relaxation. Life has been stressful for the couple lately on both personal and business fronts. They touch on their current challenges and discuss what keeps them close during even the toughest times - tune in!
  • 3. Ep 98: Supporting Women

    On this episode, Josh and Tara discuss the importance of supporting women and their story as young parents, with an emphasis on Tara’s story/perspective. Tune in!
  • 97. Ep. 97: Work/Mom Balance (ft. Kathy Thomas)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with Kathy Thomas, the Founder of Collective 615 in Nashville. They talk all things business, the moment Kathy wanted to go out on her own, and how she maintains a work/mom balance as an entrepreneur and workaholic - tune in!
  • 96. Ep. 96: Building A Business Empire (ft. Steve McBee)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with serial entrepreneur and TV personality, Steve McBee. You might be familiar with his show, The McBee Dynasty on Peacock and USA. Steve shares his story and what led him to having his own show. From being a farmer/rancher to making investments into real estate and carwash businesses, Steve has a BIG PLAN for him and his family. Tune in!
  • 95. Ep. 95: Financial Services (ft. Scott Tansil)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with the COO of First Bank, a bank that has big footprint in TN and surrounding areas. A Nashville native, Tansel shares his experience growing up in a now booming city on both a personal and professional level. Scott shares his come up in the financial services world and why he ultimately ended up on the business side of things. Tune in!