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  • 79. Ep. 79: MJ Biz Con Panel (Josh Joseph)

    This episode is a special one. Josh and the family went to Las Vegas for MJ Biz Con last week. Josh had the pleasure of having a panel where he discussed his entrance into the industry with Grassroots and the hardships he faced in an emerging business. Josh shares critical and pivotal points along the way that have helped shape his career today. Tune in for some true gems on the industry!

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  • 78. Ep. 78: Life of a Celebrity Chef (ft. Dave White)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with celebrity chef, Dave White. You have seen him on Bravo's television series Below Deck or on Instagram sharing his mouthwatering recipes. Dave talks about his come up as a chef, his experience on Below Deck, and even his secret ingredient for all of his recipes. Tune in!
  • 77. Ep. 77: From Australia to Nashville (ft. Mary O'Neill Phillips)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with Mary O'Neill Phillips. She is the TV host and the co founder of the entertainment and lifestyle brand, Country Outdoors. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Mary shares what led her to Nashville and what inspired her to become an entrepreneur. Tune in!
  • 76. Ep. 76: Dealing With Stress

    On this episode, Tara discusses how she deals with the various stressors in life and also emphasizes the importance of being transparent about it. Being in business with your husband and daughters can bring unique challenges when it comes to balance. From intimacy to life plans, there's a lot to uncover. Tune in!
  • 75. Ep. 75: Daddy Issues (or Not?)

    On this episode, Josh sits down with his daughter Sydni to discuss not only the dynamic between them, but also the father-daughter issues that are common and how they avoid them.
  • 74. Ep. 74: Family Memories

    On this episode, Josh and Tara talk about the importance of capturing memories throughout their lives. Recently, they spent time going down memory lane and reminisced on the times that they have had with their daughters when they were young.
  • 73. Ep. 73: How Peg Leg Porker Became TN's Best BBQ (ft. Carey Bringle)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with Carey Bringle, the owner of a Nashville staple, Peg Leg Porker. They discuss the Bringle family history and how his grandfather, who was an OBG-YN, led them into the BBQ business. Carey shares how he lost his leg, as well as tips for upcoming restauranteurs. Tune in!