The Big Plan

  • 55. Ep. 55: Running a Family Foundation (ft. Sophie Joseph)

    On this episode, Tara sats down with one of her two daughters, Sophie Joseph, who also runs their 501(c) 3, The Joseph Family Foundation. The two discuss their family's roots in giving back and how that eventually led to the formation of the family foundation. Sophie shares how she leads the family's vision behind it all while attending the University of Kentucky. Tune in to learn about TJFF!
  • 54. Ep. 54: Dealing With Life Transitions

    On this episode, Josh and Tara reflect on how their lives have changed over the course of their relationship and careers. From dating in 8th grade to having kids and all the way to selling a company, life has been a rollercoaster for their family. While each chapter has brought them a great amount of wisdom, it is when the page turns that the couple finds themselves rediscovering their individual + collective purposes in life. Tune in to hear what excites them and what really doesn't excite them anymore.
  • 53. Ep. 53: Restaurant Biz Ain't For Everyone (ft. Margot McCormack)

    On this episode, Tara speaks with Margot McCormack, the owner of Margot Cafe and Bar in East Nashville. Margot reveals her early dreams to become a writer and restauranteur at the same time. As one could imagine, both careers can be demanding from a timing and mental perspective. From growing up in Nashville to moving to the Big Apple and then back to Nashville to start her own restaurant 22 years ago, tune in to hear the great, the bad, and the ugly of being a creative in the restaurant business!
  • 52. Ep. 52: Chef On Tour (ft. Chef Charles Webb)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with Chef Charles Webb, a world-renowned chef from Chicago, IL. Charles talks about what led him into the culinary profession. While he always felt that it was for him, his journey that led him there was an interesting one to say the least. 92 jobs later (including selling real estate in Brazil), Charles found his footing and quickly made a name for himself bringing him all around the world. Tune in to learn more about Charles and his series #ChefOnTour! 
  • 51. Ep. 51: Full Time Radio Personality + Mom (ft. Kelly Ford)

    On this episode, Tara sits down with a good friend (and radio personality) Kelly Ford. Kelly talks about her long, successful career in radio and how it has evolved over the years. Kelly shares why being a radio personality has allowed her to be the mom she always wanted to be. Although, it does not come without both professional and personal challenges. Tune in!
  • 50. Ep. 50: Alcohol + Relationships Don't Always Mix

    On this episode, Josh and Tara get real about a number of things. Tara verbalizes what she doesn't love about Josh including the amount of alcohol he drinks at times. They also discuss the importance of therapy and checking in periodically to stay aligned with each other.
  • 49. Ep. 49: Fun Facts

    On this episode, Josh and Tara quickly go back and forth with fun facts about each other. Some they knew about each other and some they didn't. Fun fact - Tara has never smoked weed - which is quite interesting given the couple's heavy involvement in cannabis. Tune in to learn more about the hosts of The Big Plan!
  • 48. Ep. 48: Nashville Food Project

    On this episode, Tara sits down with CJ from the Nashville Food Project. What initially started out as a small MobileLoves&Fishes project 12 years ago, Nashville Food Project has become a staple in the Nashville community. Headquartered in the Nations, the NFP makes anywhere from 6,000 to 7,000 meals per week for the communities that need it most. From children to the homeless to senior citizens, the organization plays an important role in keeping the underserved community fed. Tune in to hear more about Nashville Food Project and how you can get involved!
  • 47. Ep. 47: Oh No... We Might Be First Cousins

    On this episode, Josh and Tara talk about how their family tree has evolved over the years. In fact, there was a point in time when they became cousins... How? Grandparents. While initially this was something that was welcomed by the family, over time it proved to be problematic. Tune in to hear about the transition from high school sweethearts to married to cousins for a short period.