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The Banker Midweek | April 12, 2023

Your weekly look at what the industry is talking about, offering information bankers like you need to know.

This week Liz Lumley, Joy Macknight and Sam Friend talk about ‘The Banking Saga’, the politicisation of decentralised finance, the need for the industry to unite around responsible AI, the ongoing digital journey for many global banks, the supposed death of Spacs and Liz’s love for the soon-to-be-developed Britcoin.

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  • Drama at the FCA – a BRR takeover

    Liz Lumley sits down with Farah Khalique, editor of Banking Risk & Regulation, to discuss growing calls for stronger oversight of the UK’s financial services regulators, with some experts saying that the FCA may be ripe for reform.
  • Does the bell toll for grey lists and supermarket banking?

    Liz Lumley and John Everington sit down to talk about the impact of FATF’s grey list. Ahead of FATF’s plenary in Paris next week, how influential are the body’s grey and black lists for the international banking industry? Meanwhile in the UK, Barclays acquires the bulk of Tesco’s supermarket bank offering.
  • Post Office blues

    How did sub postmasters become de facto bank branch managers? The Post Office in the UK provides a vital service to communities, specifically as it picks up the slack from customers who are left wanting from the disappearance of bank branches on the high street. Do they have what they need to succeed in this role?Guest: Andra Sonea, analyst, researcher, PhD student at University of Warwick
  • The Banker midweek | February 7, 2024

    Blockchain clarity from Basel: In this episode, Liz Lumley and Amalia Illgner sit down with Yuval Rooz, CEO and co-founder, and Manoj Ramia, general counsel, at Digital Asset regarding the recent standard from the Basel Committee on permissionless blockchains.  
  • The Banker midweek | January 31, 2024

    This week, Barbara Pianese hosts and is joined by Asia editor Kimberley Long, to talk about the liquidation of Chinese property developer Evergrande, the regulatory issues around Credit Suisse, and the decision of Lloyds Bank in the UK to stop their mobile bank service.
  • The Banker midweek | January 24, 2024

    This week, Liz Lumley is joined by Charlotte Crosswell, chair of the Centre for Finance, Innovation, and Technology (CFIT) to talk about open finance, the goals of CFIT and how the UK can work to be a global leader in improving financial services for everyone.
  • In the trenches of ISO 20022

    Most of the global banking industry is currently on the journey to migrate to the ISO 20022 messaging standard for cross-border payments. What lessons have been learned so far, what do banks need to do now, and will the industry be ready for the ultimate decommissioning of the legacy Swift MT standard in November 2025?Guests:Jeremy McDougall, director of payments at EYStephen Lindsay, business lead, Swift Platform
  • The Banker midweek | January 17, 2024

    In this week’s Davos special, Liz Lumley and John Everington sit down to discuss the major themes of the World Economic Forum’s Davos event, including AI, climate change and misinformation. We also get an insight into John’s interview with Indermit Gill, chief economist at the World Bank. 
  • The Banker midweek | January 10, 2024

    Happy New Year from The Banker. This week, Liz Lumley, Barbara Pianese and Michael Klimes discuss T+1, EU banking regulations protecting taxpayer money, the fight against greenwashing, and the renewed regulatory interest in consumer rights in the UK. We also celebrate our Central Banker and Finance Minister of the Year, who were awarded their trophies at the 2023 Bank of the Year awards.