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Banking under pressure Episode 81: Payments for a new age

Ep. 81

Glenn Smith, founder and chief executive of Roqqett, talks to James King about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the UK's payment market, as well as the country's progress in developing an open banking ecosystem. 

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  • Why should banks care about the metaverse?

    Liz Lumley speaks to Dave Birch and Victoria Richardson, authors of Money in the Metaverse: Digital Assets, Online Identities, Spatial Computing and Why Virtual Worlds Mean Real Business, about what an “always-on” immersive future internet means for payments, financial services and digital identity.
  • What happened to banking-as-a-service?

    Kimberley Long speaks to fintech consultant Shaul David to discuss the future of embedded finance and BaaS, the role of banks, and where the regulators fit in with protecting the consumer. 
  • Founding a company with gender parity built in

    Kimberley Long speaks with Katee Hunter, chief executive and founder of Inveztor, to discuss founding a company, accessing early-stage financing, and ensuring gender parity across the business. 
  • Age should be but a number in financial services

    Liz Lumley sits down with Karen Barrett, CEO at Unbiased, to talk about how ageist and stereotypical language perpetuates financial inequality and conflicts across generations.
  • Will true open finance ever be realised?

    Liz Lumley sits down with Ghela Boskovich, head of Europe/regional director at the Financial Data and Technology Association, to talk about digital identity, open banking and finance, and what we can expect from PSD3.
  • A new era for fintech profitability

    Liz Lumley, Kimberley Long and Anita Hawser sit down to discuss the recent profitability announcement from UK digital bank Monzo and what it means for the wider fintech ecosystem.
  • Why should banks care about Web3?

    Liz Lumley sits down with Rita Martins, former global head of fintech partnerships at HSBC and author of Web3 in Financial Services, to chat about the new financial future being imagined by the emergence of Web3.
  • Mobile phone theft and protecting your finances

    With mobile phone theft rising across the UK as thieves look to access banking apps, Kimberley Long and John Everington discuss the practical steps you can take to protect your finances, and whether banks and the software providers should be doing more. 
  • SMEs, consolidation and 15 years of fintech

    Liz Lumley is joined by Steven Cooper, CEO of Aldermore Bank, to talk about the state of UK banking, the current economic climate and how fintech has influenced customer behaviour over the past 15 years.