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Banking in transition Episode 70 : India’s pandemic economy

Ep. 70

Peter Born, chief representative in Mumbai for Commerzbank, speaks to The Banker’s Kimberley Long about how India has supported its SME segment through the pandemic, and the country’s decision to opt out of RCEP. 

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  • Will true open finance ever be realised?

    Liz Lumley sits down with Ghela Boskovich, head of Europe/regional director at the Financial Data and Technology Association, to talk about digital identity, open banking and finance, and what we can expect from PSD3.
  • A new era for fintech profitability

    Liz Lumley, Kimberley Long and Anita Hawser sit down to discuss the recent profitability announcement from UK digital bank Monzo and what it means for the wider fintech ecosystem.
  • Why should banks care about Web3?

    Liz Lumley sits down with Rita Martins, former global head of fintech partnerships at HSBC and author of Web3 in Financial Services, to chat about the new financial future being imagined by the emergence of Web3.
  • Mobile phone theft and protecting your finances

    With mobile phone theft rising across the UK as thieves look to access banking apps, Kimberley Long and John Everington discuss the practical steps you can take to protect your finances, and whether banks and the software providers should be doing more. 
  • SMEs, consolidation and 15 years of fintech

    Liz Lumley is joined by Steven Cooper, CEO of Aldermore Bank, to talk about the state of UK banking, the current economic climate and how fintech has influenced customer behaviour over the past 15 years. 
  • The impact of the EU AI Act

    Liz Lumley sits down with Michael Borrelli, COO at AI & Partners, to discuss the EU’s legal framework on artificial intelligence, the risks addressed and Europe’s role leading AI strategy worldwide.
  • Whatever happened to fintech innovation?

    Liz Lumley sits down with Alex Jimenez, strategist, fintech influencer, writer, speaker, and currently principal consultant at Backbase, to discuss what happened to the pandemic-driven acceleration we were all promised and what non-finance-related event you should attend next.
  • Hiring women is not a ‘tax’

    Liz Lumley sits down with Sophie Winwood, co-founder and CEO of WVC:E, and operating partner at Foxe Capital, to talk about start-ups, funding, fintech and… women.Sophie also serves as the first contributor to The Banker exchange time capsule. Listen to the end to find out what she added.
  • Can IDA donors stump up the funds for the world’s poorest nations?

    As the IMF and World Bank spring meetings get underway in Washington, Aliya Shibli talks with John Everington about the challenges surrounding the 21st replenishment process of the International Development Association, following her interview with Akihiko Nishio, the World Bank’s vice-president of development finance.