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Money Talks: City Charged by the Premier League

On a huge day for the Premier League where Man City have been charged by the Premier League for their financial doping Gags Tandon hosts as Mo Chatra discusses the following points:

- Explain background to investigation

- What are the charges

- What are potential punishments

- Why did it take so long to undertake investigation

- Clearly a big focus on City's commercial revenue- why is it such a contentious area?

- Does it have anything to do with forthcoming white paper

- What does this mean for Liverpool

- What are some of the other ramifications?

- Could this situation in any way impact on FSG's plans to sell either a minority or majority stake in Liverpool?

- What are timescales and next steps

- If City found guilty, even after appeals, what happens to them?

All this and more on the Money Talks Podcast!

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