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AI PRO Plus: AI Desi - Curtain Raising - 2022/23 Season Preview

Definitely a Desi thing. We had the curtain raiser community veg thaali shield at the weekend which means only one thing - the Premier League is ready to start again. We have all the condiments ready for such an occasion. MoSalah spice, Virjeera Van Dijk, Thanniyah Alcantara, Darwin NoonMirch, Alassun Becker, Trent Alohnglechi Arnold, Andy RobertSarohhn and so on.

If he played for us, we could have had Lionel Methi!

So, to help cook this pod we have the usual suspects. - intros

Pre-season is a bit like all the things before the pre-wedding party in a desi world. Lots goes on, it means something to someone and a whole lot of nothing to someone else. Did anything or anyone catch your eye?

We start at Fulham away, this season what do we need to do differently to go one better and win?

If any player in our squad was a proper nosey curtain raiser, to see what’s going on in someone else’s life, who would it be?

Praana Jamanna - Gags Tandon Curveball

All this and more

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