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  • 9. The Zone with Timm McCoy - #1609 "Demented Christmas"

    Oh it's "Demented Christmas 2021"  A Special longer show with a lot of great and classic Christmas Dementia! Joan & Timm, just have fun with some great music for the Holiday's! Along with a "12 Days" Top 3 songs. Clara The Sheep joins Joan & Timm. TRT: 2:30:10  --- Support this podcast:

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  • The Zone with Timm McCoy - 11-11-2017 "Nigel Tuffnel Day"

    The Zone With Timm McCoy 11-11-2017 "Nigel Tuffnel Day" Songs of "Spinal Tap" Not only is it Veterans Day, but the whole day "Goes To 11"! --- Support this podcast:
  • 8. The Zone with Timm McCoy - #1608 "Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain"

    Today, Joan and I recorded #1608 "Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain" on The Zone with Timm McCoy. Songs about Food & Rain. With Guest Fast Food King, Elmer Philipshead. A Bit of Euphemisms, The McCoy Repoy and The Zone Top 3. Strange little show, this one! PLUS: Info on our Christmas episode. 136 mins of weird. --- Support this podcast:
  • 7. The Zone with Timm McCoy - 1607 "Witchy Robots" with Dr. Head

    #1607 "Witchy Robots" October, so Halloween is full of Witches & Robots! Songs about those things. Dr. Head is hosting with Joan and Clara The Sheep. TRT: 127:30 --- Support this podcast:
  • Timm McCoy Interviews - Pat Tallman 3/19/2012

    Back on March 1, 2012, I got a Tweet from Patricia Tallman saying that she would like to discuss her new book "Pleasure Threshold" on "The Zone". I'm a sucker for a redhead, so I said yes. Of course. Patricia is a stunt woman, a mother, author and actor in everything from Star Trek - "The Next Generation", "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager" to playing "Lyta Alexander" in the Hugo Award winning series "Babylon 5" where she just announced that she is currently writing the pilot for a REBOOT of "Babylon 5". She also played "Barbara" in the best remake of George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" 1990. She is a very close friend, my newly adopted sister and surprisingly wonderful interview. Joining me is my best friend and the most best'es wife ever that has been, Joan. The interview is 19:04. Wrapped with "Babylon 5" music & audio with a hint of "Charles Nelson Reilly" (Patricia Tallman's true to life mentor). I hope you enjoy our interview with Patricia Tallman.  --- Support this podcast:
  • The 30th Anniversary Red Peters Blow Me Special

    Back in August 2016 Red Peters contacted me to see if I would be interested in interviewing him about a collaboration between him and rock legend, Todd Rundgren. At the end of every one of Todd's shows, he would sing a little ditty called "Blow Me". Now, for the FIRST time on Spotify®, we bring you "The 30th Anniversary Red Peters Blow Me Special" a celebration of Red and his music. Rated X. Explicit content. Not intended for children, or anybody! Enjoy! 2021 is the "35th Anniversary" now! --- Support this podcast:
  • The Vangsness Project - Kirsten Vangsness Aug 16, 2016

    A one-on-one interview with Timm McCoy & Kirsten Vangsness, Penelope Garcia of "Criminal Minds" and star of the film "Kill Me Deadly" in which Joan & I invested heavily in. We speak of "Criminal Minds", Computers, acting & comedy! The movie stars: Dean Lemont as Charlie Nickels Kirsten Vangsness as Mona Livingston Lynn Odell as Ida Lesley-Anne Down as Lady Clairmont Raleigh Holmes as Veronica Nicholas S. Williams as Clive Joe Mantegna as Bugsy Siegel Aug 16, 2016 --- Support this podcast: