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SPIN US A YARN 4: Here's A Pilliga Story To Haunt Your Next Road Trip

Season 1, Ep. 27

This week for Spin Us A Yarn, our zesty listener Danika sent us a horrific real-life tale about the cursed Pilliga area of NSW.

Want to submit your yarn? Email with "Spin Us A Yarn" as the subject line!

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S2E7: The Nutbush - Why The Hell Are Aussies The Only Ones Who Do This Bloody Dance

Season 2, Ep. 7
In this long-awaited, much-delayed by illness and (technological) misadventure episode, Josie talks Mel through the mysterious origin story of Australia's national dance - The Nutbush. We recorded this as a livestream for our Patreon supporters so if you want to watch us record the next ep, get involved here for just $5 a month: of the Nutbush for any non-Aussie listeners! article from 2018 by Mary Ward Music article from 2019 by Lauren Baxter 2017 post from the Tina Turner Blog: Sun article 2021 by Cameron Adams and Holly Byrnes post by Hank Sparrow in 2016 by Clare Aston 2021 West Star by Derek Barry 2021 always, love us please:Become a TZIH Patreon supporter at The Zest Is History Podcast group on FB by searching for "The Zest Is History Podcast" on Facebook.Send us mail! The Zest Is History, PO Box 453, Rose Bay NSW 2029.Follow us on Instagram @thezestishistory and Twitter @ZestHistory.Follow Mel on Instagram @melissamason_ and Josie on Instagram @josieroze