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Little Dome's Postbag (The Euan Blair Test and Rockin' With Elvis)

What was the Millennium Dome's "Euan Test"?

What was the difference between WHSmiths and John Menzies?

How old do you think we sound?

These are some of the questions which weren't exactly asked, but ended up being answered as we went through the emails, tweets and DMs which have come into the show over the last couple of months.

Thanks to Kevin and Thierry for pointing us towards the internet archive's snapshot of the Rockin' With Elvis website.

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  • Little Dome: February 2016 (David Cameron's Toilet Habits)

    What could be more Xennial than uploading a podcast late due to a washing machine related crisis?Anyway, it's here now and I bet you can't wait to relive the opening bars of Brexit, David Cameron's unusual way of negotiating with the EU and we also cover the issuing of Lord Lucan's death certificate. Plus Esyllt Sears tells Gareth Gwynn about her mid '00s trip to Atlanta.If you are the man in Atlanta with the guns and the friend in the band and access to Esyllt's Facebook, do send us a message. We'd genuinely love to hear from you. Our email address is or you can use one of the following:TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDome (We know that's your favourite)Myspace: thexennialdome(Other people can get in touch via those methods too - but we're really after the Facebook loving, gun-touting paramedic).
  • Little Dome: February 2005 (YouTube, HotOrNot and Question Time)

    Comedy writer Gareth Gwynn tries to dig-out the story behind YouTube and uncovers three of them - all of which he presents to stand-up comedian Esyllt Sears in this edition of the show which looks back at February 2005. If you know the Question Time couple discussed, do let us know how they're getting on via or one of the following:TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
  • Little Dome: February 1989 (Sun, Sea, Sky, Soaps and Samantha Fox)

    It's February 1989 in the Xennial Dome's Little Dome this week so you can expect Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears to be using each others microphones, introducing the wrong segments and completely forgetting whole sections of the show, all in honour of the 1989 BRIT Awards.We also discuss the launch of the Sky Television Network, the colour scheme of Home And Away and pointedly refuse to cover EastEnders again. Will it work? Well, as Rupert Murdoch once described his own fledging television empire "It's a wing and a prayer". And at least we don't have to convince people to invest in a dish to enjoy the show.If you remember Baker Days, why not get in touch on or via:TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
  • Little Dome: January 1977 (Penalty Kicks and 2 inch TVs)

    January 1977 marks the first month of the Xennial era (as we have defined it for the purposes of these podcasts, at least) and so this is the furthest back we'll go in these Little Dome mini-episodes.Each week we take a look at this month in Xennial history - and as the very oldest Xennials will have been born in 1977, this is where the whole Xennial experience begins. The 1970s themed episodes always seem to show the shape of things to come, and this week it is no different as comedy writer Gareth Gwynn and stand-up comedian Esyllt Sears discuss the invention of the two-inch TV (the precursor to the smart-phone?), the penalty shoot-out (something of a staple for the English football fans, at least) and the second coming of Jesus Christ (still pending at time of upload).Get in touch on or via: TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
  • Little Dome: January 1990 (Vogue, Supermodels and Mr Bean)

    What was January 1990 all about for you? Peter Lindbergh's iconic Vogue cover, which kicked off the supermodel phenomenon by featuring Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford... Or the first episode of Mr. Bean? Luckily for you, you don't have to choose because we're across them both. Esyllt Sears has the facts and Gareth Gwynn knows more about one of these things than the other.Our email address is or you can get in touch via...TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome (Yeah, I know. It's still there).
  • Little Dome: January 2000 (Time Capsules and Train Tickets)

    Are you the sort of person who doesn't normally look at the show notes of podcasts? Yes, I thought you might be. We've been expecting you. Don't worry, I know exactly why you're here. It's because you've listened to us talk about the Blue Peter Time Capsule, haven't you? And you want to see the video for yourself? Well, here it is.Time Capsules aside Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears also cover Cherie Blair's train ticket tribulations, before speculating as to what exactly was going on in Downing Street on 2nd May 1997. Fortunately, almost all the questions raised in the podcast are answered here so that's something else to check out after you've heard the show.If you buried an annual (or anything) in your garden in the hope of a future generation digging-it-up and speculating as to your weird Xennial life, do let us know. The email address is or you can get in touch via...TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome (Yeah, I know. It's still there).
  • Little Dome: January 2014 (Asteroids and Antarctica)

    It's all about long journeys this week with January 2014 bringing us an interstellar meteor in Papua New Guinea and a journey across Antarctica for an intrepid 16 year old. We also cover who owns laybys and what was on your Biology GCSE exam. More information on the meteor is available here. If you walked to the South Pole, get in touch on or by one of the methods below...TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
  • Christmas Leftovers II (Ghostbusters and Joyriding)

    More an excuse to use the image than anything else, here's some bits and bobs which Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears have, for various reasons, struggled to find a home for elsewhere on the podcast - but are just as satisfying, nonetheless. Two chunks from December 1993 covering Ghostbusters, careers advice and the navy, plus a passage from an unreleased November 1991 episode.The 1991 edition of Top Gear covering joyriding is available here. Obvious trigger warnings abound.If you know what happened to the Gwynn family's cars (either of them) then get in touch on or by one of the methods below...TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
  • Little Dome: December 1993 (Diana and Doom)

    What did you ask Santa for Christmas back in 1993? If you were a charity the answer was probably "a new patron" as Princess Diana stepped-back from public life. Meanwhile, Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears recall the time university campuses were brought to a halt by Doom.Get in touch on or by one of the methods below...TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome