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Little Dome: November 1987 (Mates Condoms and Miss World)

Finally, it's here! November 1987! The Sexy Episode! The first advert for condoms appears on British television and a familiar face is involved in the campaign. Plus Gareth and Esyllt look back at Miss World 1987 and provide details of our forthcoming spin-off podcast (pending funding).

A couple of YouTube clips which may be of interest include this advert and this one (which also mentions the channel).

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    What was the Millennium Dome's "Euan Test"?What was the difference between WHSmiths and John Menzies?How old do you think we sound?These are some of the questions which weren't exactly asked, but ended up being answered as we went through the emails, tweets and DMs which have come into the show over the last couple of months.Thanks to Kevin and Thierry for pointing us towards the internet archive's snapshot of the Rockin' With Elvis website.Get in touch on or by one of the methods below... TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
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  • Little Dome: October 1999 (What Everyone Should Know About The Millennium Bug, the Rugby World Cup and the London Eye)

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  • Little Dome: October 1987 (The Great Storm, Loch Ness and Worzel Gummidge)

    The Great Storm of 1987 and the failed Loch Ness hunt of 1987 are tackled by Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears in this edition - Plus a clutch of globetrotting kids TV shows thanks to Around The World With Willy Fog and Worzel Gummidge Down Under.Get in touch on or via:TikTok: @the.xennial.domeTwitter: @TheXennialDomeInstagram: @XennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
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  • Little Dome: October 2014 (A Spookily Hot Halloween)

    Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears reminisce about Halloween but, because we're talking 2014, it's the hottest Halloween on record. Plus - the rise and rise of the SNP and some stuff about washing lines in Treorchy. Not sure that last bit is particularly 2014-specific, now I type it out.Get in touch on or via:TikTok: @the.xennial.dome (I'M STILL CALLING IT NEW!)Twitter: @TheXennialDomeInstagram: @XennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdomeWe briefly mention a documentary Gareth made for BBC Radio 4 back in 2014. Do you want to hear a nearly decade-old programme about a political issue which has changed an awful lot in the intervening years? I mean, it's here if you want to. A more up-to-date (and potentially even sillier) take on the same subject, also by Gareth but for BBC Radio Wales this time, is available here.
  • Little Dome: October 2001 (iPod, Pop Idol, Soapstars and Q Magazine)

    Two tech advancements and two TV shows (one massive, one not so much) defined October 2001. Plus, Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears scoot through an edition of Q Magazine featuring an interview with Victoria Beckham in which readers get to ask the questions (Bad idea, it turns out).Get in touch on or via:TikTok: @the.xennial.dome (FAIRLY NEW!)Twitter: @TheXennialDomeInstagram: @XennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdomeY'know what, go on. The clip of Soapstars is here.