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Little Dome: April 2001 in Cafe Diana!

For many years, as part of his morning commute, Gareth Gwynn would pass Cafe Diana - an establishment dedicated to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. From the top of the 94 bus he dreamed that one day, in the future, he would visit. On that day, he would see for himself what Cafe Diana was all about. He would finally find out how it memorialized her and discover for himself what was on the menu. Well, he's pleased to say that day finally came... Sometime in 2012? Maybe 2013? Something like that. Certainly ages ago, well before he'd ever met Esyllt Sears and definitely before he owned his own portable sound recorder.

Nevertheless, he was happy to go back in 2024 so Esyllt could see it.

Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears discuss April 2001 surrounded by photos of Princess Diana - who was still in the news in 2001 despite having died nearly 4 years earlier. They also cover Bridget Jones' Diary (the film) (the first one) and chocolate bar adverts which aren't for Flake.

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Come and see us at Machynlleth Comedy Festival on Sunday 5th May at 6pm. Tickets are here.

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  • Little Dome: Late, Live & Leftovers! May 1997 and more...

    Gareth Gwynn and Esyllt Sears are joined by Dan Thomas, Stuart Laws and the ghost of Diana, Princess of Wales in this late, live and leftovers special!Live! - because it contains snippets from the Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2024 with special guest, Dan Thomas. Dan's full episode will be along in July, but this will keep you going for a bit! Also, if you want more Mach content, check out Esyllt Sears' BBC Radio 4 Extra coverage!Leftovers! - because it contains two further clips which got squeezed out of previous episodes - More Cafe Diana chat from our April 2001 ep and Stuart Laws selects his favourite Xennial Dome moment in his 40th birthday edition of the show.Late! - because... Well, because we'd just got back from Machynlleth and I (Gareth) had a BBC Radio 4 show to finish off about unfinished projects. Ironically. We seem to spend the whole episode referring to clips and photos so here they are. Apologies if we miss anything out... * Newsnight: Howard Vs. Paxman* Asda's Election '97 Beers* BBC Politics '97 Webpage* BBC Politics '97 "Frontbenchers" Webpage* BBC Budget WebpageGet in touch on or by one of the following methods:TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
  • Little Dome: April 1993 (The Grand National, the Talkboy and Buckingham Palace for £8)

    What will £8 get you these days? Well, a ticket to The Xennial Dome's Little Dome live at Machynlleth Comedy Festival this weekend (tickets available here) but back in 1993 you could get into Buckingham Palace for the same amount. I can't decide if that reflects well on us, them or the UK economy in the 31 intervening years, but it felt like something I should point out, at the very least. You can draw your own conclusions.You could have also spent £8 on a bet on the Grand National (aka Horse Christmas) - and you'd have got that £8 back as the whole thing ended in chaos and refunds. That's what we discuss on the show this week with Horse Enthusiast, Esyllt Sears, and Horse Agnostic, Gareth Gwynn. We also cover Home Alone and, at one point, Squid Game, but I'm not even sure why or how with hindsight.Get in touch on or by one of the following methods:TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome
  • Little Dome: April 1984 with Stuart Laws!

    It's a very special birthday episode featuring a former guest - Stand-up comedian, producer and director Stuart Laws. Stuart entered the world in April 1984 with a Twirl and a Splash. Literally. Having appearence once before to place mp3 CDs into the dome, he has now returned just in time for his 40th birthday, and for Esyllt Sears and Gareth Gwynn to talk him through some of the key moments from the month of his birth.You can get in touch with the show on or one of the following methods:TikTok: @the.xennial.domeInstagram: @XennialDomeX/Twitter: @TheXennialDomeFacebook: @TheXennialDomeMyspace: thexennialdome