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by The B1M

  • Why America is REMOVING These Dams - #47

    This week we’re heading to the US West Coast to talk about The B1M's latest video "Why America is Removing These Dams". Four dams along the Klamath River (that's in Oregon and California) are being deconstructed, and there's both political and environmental issues to consider.Later in the episode, we look at Impact’s AI-sceptical job ad in Antwerp, the Heatherwick-designed buildings nearing completion in Tokyo’s new Azabudai Hills district, AND The B1M's investment into Brick Borrow.We end the show with a Saudi-themed email from Colin Woodall (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada).Get in touch!
  • This Mega-Dam is the Size of LONDON - #46

    This week, Luke's away! So Fred & Liam are piloting the show. The lads start with a Skyscraper Quiz shortly followed by covering the latest B1M video "This Mega-Dam is the Size of London" - AKA: Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam.Later in the episode, the boys look at China’s new oil refinery transformation in Hangzhou (MVRDV). Also, Bjarke Ingels Group have been confirmed as the master planner for "The Oxagon" port city in Saudi Arabia.They end the show with an apologetic email from Chris Munch (Texas, USA).Get in touch!
  • The SAUDI ARABIA Episode - #45

    This week's episode is special! We're covering Saudi Arabia's megaprojects, including: THE MUKAAB - a 400-metre high by 400-metre wide structure that's big enough to hold 20 Empire State Buildings, TROJENA - a winter sports venue that's technically in the desert, OXAGON - the world’s largest floating structure, future shipping destination hub and the logistics nerve-centre for Neom, RED SEA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - controversially designed by Foster + Partners and set to open later in 2023 and expected to accommodate a million passengers a year by 2030, and of course, THE LINE - a 500-metre tall mirrored linear city that’ll stretch for over 170-kilometres across the desert sands.Later in the episode, we look at UNStudio’s new district in Nanjing, China called K.Wah G72.We end the show with a spicy Apple Podcasts review from Rob Ellio.Get in touch!
  • The FAILED Plan to Save Venice - #44

    This week we’re heading to Venice, Italy to talk about Tomorrow's Build's latest video "The Failed Plan to Save Venice From Flooding". Oh, and there's a twist... a $7BN flood defence system isn't enough to keep the iconic city afloat. Of course, we're chatting about the MOSE system that's defending one of earth's most picturesque places.Later in the episode, we look at Uruguay’s new tree-covered tower from MVRDV (yes, the same people that brought us the infamous Marble Arch Mound!). Plus, we follow up on last weeks news from London - FRESH widespread opposition to the new Liverpool Street station plans, from Herzog & de Meuron and Sellar. We end the show with two cheeky emails from Chris Munch (Texas, USA) and the legendary Arthur Caspelherr.Get in touch!
  • The PROBLEM With New York's Skyscrapers - #43

    This week we’re heading to the New York City to talk about Tomorrow's Build's latest video "The Problem With New York’s Skyscrapers" - thousands of Manhattan's tall buildings now HAVE to change *cough* we're looking at YOU 432 Park Avenue *cough*Later in the episode, we look at Wuhan’s 3-intertwined skyscrapers by Zaha Hadid Architects AND updated plans for London’s £450M Liverpool Street overhaul by Herzog & de Meuron. We end the show with a secretive riddle emailed in from the one and only "Jacob Garlic" (we're pretty confident it's NOT the actual Jacob Garlic... but still... it's fun). The email is titled: "The Garlic Enigma: Unearth the Hidden Heir to the Flatiron Building" - says it all, doesn't it?Get in touch!
  • The SHOCKING Story of New York’s Strangest Tower - #42

    This week we’re heading to the Big Apple to talk about The B1M's latest video "The Shocking Story of New York’s Strangest Tower". The Daily Bugle Buil... uh, sorry, we mean The Flatiron Building - Manhattan's iconic triangular structure faces an uncertain future and has a strange story to tell.Later in the episode, we look at New York’s Climate Exchange (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill), London’s new skyscraper at Old Street Roundabout (Kohn Pedersen Fox), and Manchester City's £300M new entertainment venue and stadium expansion at the Etihad.We end the show with a lovely email from "Yan Hockey".Get in touch!
  • The INSANE Engineering of the Golden Gate Bridge - #41

    This week we’re heading to California to talk about The B1M's latest video "The Insane Engineering of the Golden Gate Bridge". Think of American landmarks and you’ll probably think of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge almost immediately. The iconic structure has stood for over 80 years and remains a critical piece of US road infrastructure. Now the structure is undergoing a massive seismic retrofit project to ensure it is able to remain standing through the city’s next major earthquake and into the future. Later in the episode, we look at the US Navy’s new National Museum in Washington DC with multiple designs proposed for the American Capital, China’s riverside theatre plans (Open Architecture), and Vietnam’s next skyscraper (Aedas Architects).We end the show with a cheeky email from "Bahr270".Get in touch!
  • The JEDDAH TOWER Episode - #40

    This week, to celebrate our 40th episode, we’re talking about The B1M's latest video "How to Finish the World's Tallest Skyscraper" - that can only mean one thing... The Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia. Big episode. Big discussion. Big bants. Big building.Later in the episode, we look at New York’s tree-topped 64 University Place (KPF), London’s new rolling bridge (Thomas Randall-Page), and Utrecht’s crazy new Civic Centre (Heatherwick Studio). Oh, and we quickly go over the latest update on Penn Station plans (awkward). We end the show with a "witty review" from Luca Fleming.Get in touch!
  • The $7BN Plan to Save New York's MOST HATED Train Station - #39

    This week we’re talking about The B1M's latest video "The $7BN Plan to Save New York's Most Hated Train Station" - that's right, Manhattan's Penn Station is finally getting an update.Later, we talk about a 480-metre supertall skyscraper that's broken ground in Shanghai. Inspired by the form of a magnolia — the flower of Shanghai — the Shanghai North Bund Center has been conceived by KPF as a "vertical city" and is set to contain housing, office spaces, hospitality and tourist attractions. Then we're heading to Columbia, Maryland where the City's set to get a new lakeside public library designed by Heatherwick Studio for Howard County Libraries. Inspired by Columbia’s origins as a planned city in the 1960s, the tree-topped five storey structure is intended to act as a joint community and educational hub with walkable rooftops will enable visitors to explore the building's exterior, surrounded by native plant and tree species.Get in touch!