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The World by Wild Frontiers

Episode One: Kate Humble, My Life in Travel

Season 1, Ep. 1

Join the founder of Wild Frontiers, Jonny Bealby, and long-time friend and brand ambassador, Kate Humble, to hear about the huge role travel has played in her life. They talk about some of her adventures in Afghanistan, and gorilla trekking in the Congo, as well as stories from her long TV presenting career.

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  • 7. Episode Seven: The Silk Road: A Guide to Uzbekistan with Sophie Ibbotson

    The third, and final part of this Silk Road trilogy puts arguably the most popular of the 'Stans in the spotlight: Uzbekistan. Jonny is joined by Sophie Ibbotson, a writer and consultant specialising in Central Asia, Uzbekistan's Ambassador for Tourism, and Chairperson of the Royal Society of Asian Affairs. She has written six guidebooks for Bradt Travel Guides and is also a regular contributor to publications such as Wanderlust, Lonely Planet, City AM, and the Daily Telegraph.
  • 6. Episode Six: The Silk Road: Which 'Stan is for you?

    So you want to visit Central Asia... but you have no idea where to go first? Or perhaps you've visited one of the 'Stans and want to find out more about the neighbouring countries? Jonny and Marc continue their Silk Road odyssey, exploring the differing appeal of each 'Stan, including the culture, must-see sights and practical tips on how to visit. Will you be one 'Stan all the way, or does your next adventure cover a few different countries?
  • 5. Episode Five: The History of the Silk Road

    Join the founder of Wild Frontiers, Jonny Bealby, and Marc Leaderman, Director of Product and Operations, as they unravel the history of the Silk Road, talk about Jonny's 3,000-mile horse journey which resulted in his third book, 'Silk Dreams, Troubled Road', and share the first tours Wild Frontiers started running over 20 years ago.
  • 4. Episode Four: Solo Travel

    Kate Humble explores the exhilarating world of solo travel, discussing the highs and lows, the inspirations and opportunities of independent exploring with Phoebe Smith, Lorna Moore, and Clare Tobin.
  • 3. Episode Three: Algeria Travel Guide

    Want to discover why Algeria is trending? Venture into the serene sand dunes and diverse landscapes of Algeria with the Wild Frontiers team. Jonny, Marc and Mike will discuss their travels to Algeria. Covering history, local culture, travel logistics (flights, visas, best time to visit) and what not to miss in this spectacular country, prepare to be transported to another world.
  • 2. Episode Two: Sri Lanka and the Pekoe Trail

    Kate Humble shares her experience from her recent trip to Sri Lanka, where she walked parts of the Pekoe Trail, Sri Lanka's first long hiking trail. Tracking at approximately 300km, this newly forged trail takes in Sri Lanka's highlands and showcases the lush surroundings of this tropical island, tea plantations and homestays.Wild Frontiers Walking in Sri Lanka: Along the Pekoe Trail