The World As It Should Be

The World As It Should Be is a new podcast from the team who bring you the Primadonna festival – and its prize.

Primadonna describes its weekend festival as 'the world as it should be, for one weekend’.

But what if it could last for longer than a weekend? In this podcast series, we’ll be asking brilliant people – some of whom you’ll know, some of whom you might be meeting for the first time – how they’d create their world, as it should be.

They’ve all got one thing in common: they’re doing something amazing with their work: they’re breaking down barriers, and making people think.

Have a listen to find out more.

Theme tune by Deb Googe.

Catherine Riley

Catherine is a writer, and one of the co-founders of the Primadonna festival. She is also now its director, responsible for making sure the festival, and the Primadonna Prize, happen each year.

Shona Abhyankar

Shona Abhyankar is an award-winning book publicist and a proud Primadonna, handling some of the festival's PR through EdPR, where she is associate director. Shona won an award for her campaign with Sheryl Sandberg on Lean In, and also won the Publishers Publicity Circle award for her 2019 campaign celebrating Elmer’s 30th Anniversary with Andersen Press.