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The Power of Collaboration: Andrew Hills, Michal Silver and Mary Graham

Season 1, Ep. 2

This week’s show brings together three brilliant creatives who each prove that the real magic comes from working with the right people. Partnership is at the heart of their work, which spans furniture and lighting, textiles and interior design. In focusing on how to elevate the everyday, we discuss the importance of a finding a place of retreat, design classics, natural light and the beauty of the seasons.  

Meet our guests

Andrew Hills is the co-founder and creative director of furniture and lighting brand Porta Romana. He originally set up the business with his wife Sarah, after they’d both quit their jobs in the city to follow their dreams, and he now regularly launches designs with industry leaders. In this podcast, he tells us about his Godfather-inspired office, his love of restoration and their treasured recipe book. 

Fabric and wallpaper guru Michal Silver is the creative force behind Christopher Farr Cloth. She has worked with the good and the great of the interiors world, both creating new designs with contemporary names and reviving archival work by artists like Raoul Duffy and Anni Albers. She describes her Mies van der Rohe-inspired home in London and talks about the importance of memories. 

Interior designer Mary Graham works with Nicole Salvesen, forging a distinctive design style they describe as future heritage. Their rooms are timeless, elegant and full of arresting details. They've also launched beautiful products in collaboration with Jennifer Manners, Fromental and David Seyfried. Here, she tells us about her new family home in Yorkshire, sharing her love of flowers and freshly ironed sheets. 

About this podcast 

The Well-crafted Life is brought to you by Homes & Gardens, hosted by Sarah Spiteri and edited by Matt Gibbs. This episode was sponsored by Martin Moore.

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Living in Nature: Willow Crossley, Marian Boswall and James Rich

Season 1, Ep. 7
Living in Nature features three brilliant creatives who are united by their passion for the land. They hail from different disciplines, floristry, garden design and food, but each finds joy in the natural world. Seasonality and sustainability are strong threads of the show, and our lively conversations span from colour and comfort through to tree hugging and meditation spirals. Meet the guestsFlorist and stylist Willow Crossley creates wild and whimsical arrangements that are incredibly inspiring. She has an online course with Create Academy and also produces wonderful instructional Instagram videos. Willow talks to us from her home in Oxfordshire, generously sharing what makes her happy, from treasured possessions through colours that give confidence to a love of walking in the woods.Landscape architect Marian Boswall runs her eponymous studio, best known for creating stunning gardens in sensitive or historic settings. Her ethos is nature-first, and it is clear from this podcast that she finds joy in surrounding herself with animals, birds, insects and trees. Listen to hear her inspiring and philosophical advice on how to elevate the everyday. Author James Rich's first book Apple came out in August 2019. The book celebrates James' Somerset heritage and the scope of recipes possible with the fruits of an English orchard. In this podcast, James tells us about his recent move from London to the countryside, enthuses on Aga cooking and shares what is particularly important to him at home. About this podcastThe Well-crafted Life is brought to you byHomes & Gardens, hosted bySarah Spiteriand edited by Matt Gibbs. This episode was sponsored byMartin Moore.

Reuse, repurpose, restore: Sebastian Cox, Russell Sage and Maria Speake

Season 1, Ep. 5
Reuse, Repurpose, Restore features three brilliant creatives who all believe that well-made things are precious. Each takes a unique approach to designing sustainably, from "closing the loop" through a love of antiques to working with salvage. It's a fascinating episode with plenty of thought-provoking insights and ideas to inspire. Our conversation offers a truly high/low mix, spanning from cooking on wood and the joy of insects to new ways of thinking and concepts of living.Meet the guestsPassionate eco designer Sebastian Cox makes beautiful wooden furniture. He recently embarked on a renovation in Margate, with the aim to reuse as many of the materials as possible. Seb's enthusiasm for craftsmanship shines through in this episode, as he shares tales of his home and life with his wife Brogan and his young daughters.Russell Sage is best known for his work at The Goring hotel and Scotland's Fife Arms. He has been a passionate lover of antiques since he was a boy, and takes us on a wonderful journey through his career and style in this show. Maria Speake founded Retrouvius with her husband Adam Hills and together they could be considered as the pioneers when it comes to the use of salvage and reclamation in design. Maria generously opens up her home and her design notebook in this episode, sharing what works for her family and offering inspiration and ideas to take away for your own projects. About this podcastThe Well-crafted Life is brought to you byHomes & Gardens, hosted bySarah Spiteriand edited by Matt Gibbs. This episode was sponsored byMartin Moore.