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The Voices for Scotland Podcast

Scotland's Borders with Bill Austin

Season 1, Ep. 6

This week Michael and Allan are joined by Bill Austin, who has recently written a paper for the Scottish Independence Convention on Scotland's Borders, part of the SIC's Transition Papers series. A fascinating and insightful discussion which will make you re-think the narrative around borders.

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  • 2. Universal Basic Income

    Michael hosts another Voices for Scotland podcast, this week on the subject of Universal Basic Income. Michael is joined by regular contributor and Voices for Scotland campaign organiser, Allan Whyte, as well as Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform.This is a fascinating insight into UBI, how it works and who it can help.
  • 1. Social Care Review and Inquiry Fallout

    Michael and Allan are back with a new series of the Voices for Scotland Politics Podcast.On this episode they discuss the fallout from the Hamilton Report and Committee Inquiry, plus discussion on the Social Care Review.
  • 7. Goodbye 2020

    Ending the year on a high, Michael and Allan look back on the year a discuss what's needed for the independence campaign in 2021.
  • 5. Poor Cousin, Another Poll and the Big Game

    Michael McEwan is join again by Voices for Scotland's Allan Whyte to discuss the shocking timing of the furlough extension, how we campaign to build the indy support and look forward to Scotland's big game against Serbia.
  • 4. Rising Support and Leaked Strategy

    Michael McEwan chats to VfS Campaign Organiser Allan Whyte about another poll showing support for independence and a recently leaked document which shows the Conservative's strategy to try and stop independence happening.
  • 3. New Restrictions

    Michael and Allan chat about all this week's goings on in politics, independence and covid in Scotland.
  • 2. Covid, Furlough and Indy

    Michael speaks to Allan from Voices for Scotland about the week's news and politics in Scotland
  • 1. Voices and Opportunity

    Michael McEwan and Allan Whyte sit down to talk about Voices for Scotland, their journey to activism and the opportunity independence can bring.