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Listener Favorites: Gilda Joffe | Why Finding Joy in the Work is Essential for Creative Success

Gilda Joffe is a Julliard graduate and executive coach specializing in eradicating fears that hinder creative flow and performance. Gilda will help you determine and strive for mastery, rise above fear and find joy in the creative work that you do which is essential to your success.

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  • Richard Davis | Using the Science of Personality to Make Better Decisions

    Explore the intricacies of judgment and personality with Richard Davis as he unravels the science behind making informed assessments in both personal and professional realms. In this episode, Richard discusses his book "Good Judgment," providing a deep dive into how understanding personality traits can enhance decision-making processes. Learn how to apply these insights to hiring practices, relationship building, and self-awareness, and discover why traditional measures like EQ might not be as effective as we think.
  • AJ Madden | Mastering Success: Aligning Energy with Ambition

    Dive into an insightful discussion with AJ Madden as he explores the principles of success and the importance of aligning one’s efforts with innate strengths and passions. This episode unpacks AJ’s unique perspective on maximizing potential through focused energy and the "three habits" methodology that top performers use to excel. Learn about the critical importance of making elevated choices and the role of mentorship and learning from the best in achieving extraordinary outcomes.
  • Listener Favorites: Doug Patton | Conquering the Chaos of Creativity

    Doug Patton is a designer, inventor and product engineer who has crafted a method for problem solving that revolutionizes the standard approach. Creativity is an innate force within each of us, the hallmark of our evolution. Doug will teach you how to conquer the chaos of creativity, use it to solve complex problems and be more imaginative than you've ever been.
  • Martin Gonzales | What Makes An Effective Founder?

    Join us as Martin Gonzales unveils the key insights from his book "The Bonfire Moment," focusing on effective startup founders and the pivotal role of human psychology in entrepreneurial success. In this episode, Martin shares personal anecdotes and expert analyses on the importance of building strong team dynamics and avoiding common pitfalls in startup culture. Dive into a discussion that blends organizational psychology with real-world business challenges, offering actionable advice for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Mary Jo Hoffman | Embracing Childlike Wonder in Adulthood

    Join us for an inspiring conversation with Mary Jo Hoffman as she discusses her transformative journey from aerospace engineering to becoming a visual artist deeply influenced by nature. Discover how her unique daily practice of photographing the natural world not only sparked global interest but also became a powerful exercise in mindfulness and creativity.
  • Listener Favorites: Anne Jacoby | Designing Organizations and Individuals for Creative Thinking

    Anne Jacoby has over 15 years of experience in cultivating creativity in the workplace. Anne joins us for this episode to talk about how she's managed to design thriving creative cultures at work so that you can use the insight for yourself and think more creatively.
  • Jessica Calarco | How Women Became America’s Safety Net

    Join us as sociologist Jessica Calarco explores the myths surrounding meritocracy in today's society. In this enlightening episode, Jessica discusses how entrenched societal myths influence our understanding of success and the systemic structures that shape our lives. She delves into the impact of these myths on education, social safety nets, and gender roles, offering insights into how we might reimagine these structures for a more equitable future. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the deeper forces at play in our quest for equity and justice.
  • Jeremy Toeman | The Power of Actionable Ideas

    Join Jeremy Toeman as he delves into the crucial elements of successful entrepreneurship, from the power of taking immediate action to the challenges of emotional resilience. Discover Jeremy's journey of creating impactful businesses, the strategic use of AI in enhancing business operations, and his innovative approaches to startup culture and team dynamics. This episode offers invaluable lessons on adapting quickly, the importance of co-founders, and how AI is reshaping business tools and education.
  • Listener Favorites: Dr. Melanie Salmon | Why Forgiveness is the Key to All Change

    Dr. Melanie Salmon had been practicing medicine for over 40 years when she could no longer ignore the fact that treating psycho-emotional pain with pharmaceutical drugs was an inadequate fix to deeper problems. This is when she walked away from medicine in search of healing. Find out what she discovered and how today she has helped thousands of traumatized patients find peace and healing through Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC).