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Jessica Calarco | How Women Became America’s Safety Net

Join us as sociologist Jessica Calarco explores the myths surrounding meritocracy in today's society. In this enlightening episode, Jessica discusses how entrenched societal myths influence our understanding of success and the systemic structures that shape our lives. She delves into the impact of these myths on education, social safety nets, and gender roles, offering insights into how we might reimagine these structures for a more equitable future. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the deeper forces at play in our quest for equity and justice.

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  • Listener Favorites: Amy Edmondson | The Science of Failing Well

    Dive into an inspiring conversation with Amy Edmondson, renowned author and Harvard professor, on this episode. Amy shares her expert insights on psychological safety, the dynamics of failure, and the essence of creative resilience. Explore how understanding failure in different contexts can empower us to embrace risks and innovate fearlessly. This episode is a must-listen for creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone eager to transform their approach to challenges and failures into opportunities for growth and innovation.
  • Cal Newport on Doing Less, from Say More

    We’re living in the stress paradox. The stress paradox says that even though stress happens to all of us, it’s completely isolating and we feel alone in the midst of it. Following the COVID pandemic, burnout is rampant in our society, with no real end in sight. On a special series of her podcast Say More, Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung opens up the conversation about stress and burnout to help listeners feel less alone and inspired to get help. She connects to a diverse array of experts who use medical science, social science and philosophy to answer deep questions about how stress works on our bodies and minds, so we can work better and live better.
  • Adam Gopnik | The Tyranny of Achievement VS the Joy of Accomplishment

    Join Adam Gopnik as he explores the themes of happiness, family dynamics, and the pursuit of personal passions in this compelling episode. Adam shares insights from his latest book, "All That Happiness Is," discussing how our achievements and the simple joys of life intertwine to shape our experiences. He delves into his upbringing in a vibrant family of six, reflecting on how this environment fostered a deep understanding of human relationships and influenced his career in writing and journalism.
  • Tessa West | How to Find Your Most Fulfilling Job Yet

    Join Tessa West as she unpacks the complex relationship between personal identity and professional life in this enlightening episode. Tessa discusses how deeply intertwined our careers are with our self-perception and the psychological impacts of staying in a job that no longer fulfills us. She offers practical advice on navigating career transitions, understanding the roles of identity in workplace dynamics, and how to effectively manage career dissatisfaction. This episode is essential for anyone contemplating a change or struggling with their career path.
  • Listener Favorites: George McGraw | The Surprising Truth About Access to Clean Water

    George McGraw is the founder of DIGDEEP, a non-profit focused on solving the water crisis in America. There are 2.2 million+ Americans who don't have access to the sinks, showers and bathtubs that the rest of us take for granted. George shares the sobering financial and human cost of this dilemma and what needs to be done to fix it.
  • Kelly Clancy | How Games Have Shaped Our World

    Join Jeff Leisawitz as he delves into the essence of creativity and the transformative power of introspection in this engaging podcast episode. Jeff shares his insights on the importance of curiosity about oneself and others, exploring how self-awareness and understanding can enhance creative expression. He discusses the critical role of asking better questions, both of ourselves and the world, to unlock personal growth and greater empathy towards others. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to deepen their creative pursuits and personal connections.
  • Anna Lembke | Breaking Free from Digital Addiction: Insights on Dopamine

    Join Dr. Anna Lembke, a leading expert in addiction medicine, as she delves into the challenges of digital addiction in our hyper-connected world. In this episode, Dr. Lembke explains the neuroscience behind why we get hooked on digital platforms and offers practical advice for managing our digital habits. Discover the concept of "dopamine detox" and how taking breaks from digital stimuli can reset our brain's reward system, leading to improved mental health and well-being.
  • Listener Favorites: Tara McMullin | How to Grow Personally and Professionally Without Striving

    Tara McMullin is a speaker, writer and host of the What Works podcast. In this episode, Tara shares a refreshing and grounded antidote to our culture's relentless pursuit of more. Take a listen to learn how to determine what is driving your own pursuit of more and how you can shift into a healthy gear, doing more of what works and without the shame of not succeeding overnight.
  • Matt Beane | How to Save Human Ability in an Age of Intelligent Machines

    Join Matt Beane as he delves into the complexities of skill development and the profound impact of technology in modern learning environments. In this episode, Matt explores how intelligent machines and AI are transforming traditional education and work practices. He discusses the need for a new approach to learning that incorporates these technologies to better prepare individuals for the future. Listen as Matt shares insights from his extensive research and offers practical advice for integrating technology into skill development effectively.