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James McCrae | The Art of Creativity Without an Agenda

Explore the intricate balance of creativity with James McRae in this enlightening podcast episode. Dive into the yin and yang of artistic expression, where James unveils the dual nature of creativity—merging intuitive reception with disciplined action. Learn how to harness your inner voice and intuition to fuel your creative projects and discover practical strategies for bringing visionary ideas to life. This episode is perfect for artists, writers, and creators seeking to deepen their understanding of the creative process and find harmony between inspiration and execution. Join us as we decode the art of balancing creativity with practicality in today's fast-paced world.

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  • Listener Favorites: George McGraw | The Surprising Truth About Access to Clean Water

    George McGraw is the founder of DIGDEEP, a non-profit focused on solving the water crisis in America. There are 2.2 million+ Americans who don't have access to the sinks, showers and bathtubs that the rest of us take for granted. George shares the sobering financial and human cost of this dilemma and what needs to be done to fix it.
  • Kelly Clancy | How Games Have Shaped Our World

    Join Jeff Leisawitz as he delves into the essence of creativity and the transformative power of introspection in this engaging podcast episode. Jeff shares his insights on the importance of curiosity about oneself and others, exploring how self-awareness and understanding can enhance creative expression. He discusses the critical role of asking better questions, both of ourselves and the world, to unlock personal growth and greater empathy towards others. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to deepen their creative pursuits and personal connections.
  • Anna Lembke | Breaking Free from Digital Addiction: Insights on Dopamine

    Join Dr. Anna Lembke, a leading expert in addiction medicine, as she delves into the challenges of digital addiction in our hyper-connected world. In this episode, Dr. Lembke explains the neuroscience behind why we get hooked on digital platforms and offers practical advice for managing our digital habits. Discover the concept of "dopamine detox" and how taking breaks from digital stimuli can reset our brain's reward system, leading to improved mental health and well-being.
  • Listener Favorites: Tara McMullin | How to Grow Personally and Professionally Without Striving

    Tara McMullin is a speaker, writer and host of the What Works podcast. In this episode, Tara shares a refreshing and grounded antidote to our culture's relentless pursuit of more. Take a listen to learn how to determine what is driving your own pursuit of more and how you can shift into a healthy gear, doing more of what works and without the shame of not succeeding overnight.
  • Matt Beane | How to Save Human Ability in an Age of Intelligent Machines

    Join Matt Beane as he delves into the complexities of skill development and the profound impact of technology in modern learning environments. In this episode, Matt explores how intelligent machines and AI are transforming traditional education and work practices. He discusses the need for a new approach to learning that incorporates these technologies to better prepare individuals for the future. Listen as Matt shares insights from his extensive research and offers practical advice for integrating technology into skill development effectively.
  • Scott Young | How to Get Better at Anything

    Join Scott Young as he discusses breakthrough strategies for mastering new skills and optimizing learning. In this episode, Scott delves into the principles of his 'C-Do Feedback Framework' and shares insights from his book on how individuals can harness observation and practice to excel in any area of life. Whether you're looking to advance your career, learn a new hobby, or simply improve your everyday skills, Scott provides actionable advice that bridges theory with practical application.
  • Listener Favorties: Kevin Bethune | Lessons in Strategic Innovation from an Air Jordan Designer

    Kevin Bethune began as an Engineer at Westinghouse and then moved on to work with Nike where he designed Air Jordans. Kevin provides an incredible perspective on design and how it can be strategically leveraged to cultivate innovation.
  • Richard Davis | Using the Science of Personality to Make Better Decisions

    Explore the intricacies of judgment and personality with Richard Davis as he unravels the science behind making informed assessments in both personal and professional realms. In this episode, Richard discusses his book "Good Judgment," providing a deep dive into how understanding personality traits can enhance decision-making processes. Learn how to apply these insights to hiring practices, relationship building, and self-awareness, and discover why traditional measures like EQ might not be as effective as we think.
  • AJ Madden | Mastering Success: Aligning Energy with Ambition

    Dive into an insightful discussion with AJ Madden as he explores the principles of success and the importance of aligning one’s efforts with innate strengths and passions. This episode unpacks AJ’s unique perspective on maximizing potential through focused energy and the "three habits" methodology that top performers use to excel. Learn about the critical importance of making elevated choices and the role of mentorship and learning from the best in achieving extraordinary outcomes.