The Toxin Terminator


Unique Hammond

Ep. 1

On this first episode of the Toxin Terminator, your host, Aimee Carlson, has an enlightening conversation with Unique Hammond. Unique suffered from severe Crohn's disease for many years. In those years she consulted with many specialists and tried numerous diets. Against the odds and in the end, food was her medicine. Realizing the power of food, Unique went back to school for her nutrition degree. She want to help others with the knowledge she has gleaned from her Crohn's journey and to be of service to those seeking a holistic path to health. Her book, Your Tastebuds are A**holes, is currently available on Amazon.

On this episode:

  • Hear Unique's story of her Crohn's diagnosis, her experiences with countless doctors, and the initial fears associated with the disease.
  • Learn how discovering the power of diets helped Unique battle her disease in a way prescription medicine – packed with harmful side effects – was not.
  • Discover the steps Unique took to, now, be four years symptom free – even though doctors told her Crohn's was not curable.
  • Understand how most Americans are ingesting just 1/5 of the fiber that the human body needs.
  • Unpack how the gut is the source of so many illnesses that plague people.

Resources Mentioned:

Your Tastebuds Are A**holes: How I Trained Mine and Healed Crohn's  –

Unique Hammond:

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