The Toxin Terminator


Sandy Armstrong

Ep. 3

Sandy Armstrong has been on a health and wellness journey for a little over five years. On this episode, your host, Aimee Carlson and Sandy dive deep into the topic of menopause. They chat about how removing hidden toxins can eliminate or lessen many of the aggravating side effects that can come with menopause. They also address one particularly taboo topic that women rarely seem to talk about.

On this episode:

  • Sandy talks about the situations that made her begin her battle against hidden toxins.
  • Get helpful recommendations about natural products that can assist with menopause.
  • Find out which toxic chemical is found in most shampoos, conditioners, and other bath products.
  • Discover how YOU can detox your system.
  • Aimee and Sandy list natural ways to combat vaginal dryness – a common symptom of menopause.
  • Sandy chats about incorporating natural products in the funeral home, the bed and breakfast, and the church owned by her and her husband.

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