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Lyme Disease from Active to Remission with Ashley Belanger!

Ep. 58

Ashley recently graduated as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner while working at “The Functional Neurology Center” which aligns perfectly with her passion for functional medicine. She also volunteers for Twin Cities Lyme Foundation in her home state of Minnesota where her and her husband, Jacob live.

In this episode we will be discussing Ashley's health struggles and finally being diagnosed with late stage neurological Lyme disease and 30 coinfections after six years of searching for answers to over 75 daily symptoms. During her diagnosis journey, Ashley turned to holistic medicine after getting little answers from western medicine.

Her own health adventures have shown her that there is hope! “I remember feeling so misunderstood and confused during my journey to remission. It is my goal to help others see that regaining health is possible. YOU are worth getting to remission. Remember that even a small win is still a win.”

Find out:

  • How stuck emotions can actually cause physical symptoms
  • What is the "great imitator"?
  • What is MFT?
  • What is the proper testing for Lyme Disease

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