The Toxin Terminator


April Heywood

Ep. 13

In this week’s episode, Aimee gets to share her love and passion for a toxin-free lifestyle with her friend April Heywood. April is also a toxin-free advocate who shares her love of living a natural, chemical free lifestyle with her audience.

April’s natural instinct of being concerned about what she was putting IN her body grew to include the things that she was putting ON her body. This episode provides great beginner tips on where to start and how April slowly but surely incorporated lifestyle changes to live toxin-free. 

In this episode:

  • What is a “Label Looker” and why April credits this to her journey.
  • If you could change one thing to live toxin-free? April shares what that thing is.
  • Learn why cosmetics are not as safe as you think.
  • How hard is it to start living toxin-free? April says to start small.

April has a such joyful spirit and her passion for toxin-free living is infectious. We hope you can join Aimee for this week’s episode.

Resources mentioned:

Study: Emissions from dryer vents during use of fragranced and fragrance-free laundry products

Documentary Movie: Stink

April Heywood:



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