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The Torch

Roseann Higgins - SPIES Scottsdale Matchmaking Service

Season 1, Ep. 15

Roseann Higgins, president and founder of SPIES: Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective, regales us with the story of her journey from a sheltered childhood in a small Illinois town to traveling the world as a Naval officer and building an award-winning matchmaking service in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • 3. Main St. Matters!

    Jake interviews Kimberly about BBB's new grant program, Main St. Matters! Plus, we exchange a few kind words with Gary Sneed from Community Champion Donor Desert Financial Credit Union.
  • 2. CARES Act Course from Journeyage & BBB

    BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest recently partnered with Journeyage, Desert Financial Credit Union, and Coastal Payroll to develop an online course designed to walk small business owners through the CARES Act, including the Paycheck Protection Program.There are five sections to the course:Understanding the CARES ActWhat the CARES Act has to offer your businessHow to apply for payroll protectionFinancial tips for small businesses in light of COVID-19Additional small business resources to considerYou can take the course at
  • 1. BBB and Resources for COIVD-19

    Jake and Kimberly return for a new season of The Torch! In light of the on-going health and economic crisis caused by Coronavirus/COVID-19, BBB has responded by providing resources to businesses to help guide them through this trying time.
  • 18. Shane Burgess - College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, The University of Arizona

    Shane Burgess, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at The University of Arizona, stops by to talk about some of the compelling ways university research impacts the private sector. Also, find out how wine, sleeping tigers, and Graceland fit into this wonderful conversation about rural Arizona.
  • 17. Amber Pechin - Amplitude Media

    Writer of words and teller of stories, human of earth, and co-founder of Amplitude Media, Amber Pechin, stops by the studio to talk about starting a creative marketing agency. Along the way, we hear wonderful stories about a dog named Susan, navigating the business world as a freelancer, and pursuing joy relentlessly.
  • 16. George Grombacher - Money Alignment Academy

    Fellow podcaster and Chief Community Officer of Money Alignment Academy, George Grombacher, talks personal finance. We cover quite a few things in this episode, including boy George (not to be confused with Boy George), Amazon impulse buying, 401k, and more!
  • 14. Brian Mohr - Conscious Capitalism

    BBB board member and co-founder of Y-Scouts Brian Mohr discusses Grateful Dead, blind leaps of faith, and conscious capitalism in this latest episode of The Torch.
  • 13. Matthew Fehling - BBB Serving the Pacific Southwest

    A great conversation with Matthew Fehling, President and CEO of Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest. Matt recounts the story of his career and gives us a little insight into the mind of a visionary business leader determined to redefine the "why" of an organization.