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The Tidal Year

Lauren Biddulph, The Salt Sisterhood

Season 1, Ep. 6

Does a week of wild swimming and yoga in Cornwall sound like bliss to you? Well, that’s what Lauren Biddulph thought when she founded The Salt Sisterhood, a women’s wild swimming retreat based in Cornwall. 

Lauren has a moving story to tell about the power of swimming and its ability to bring people together and forge female friendships. In this episode, we spoke about banishing negative self talk, how we can not just accept that there’s light and dark in life, but also lean into it. And how yoga and swimming can help with that. 


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  • BONUS EPISODE! The Tidal Year Audiobook Preview

    My book The Tidal Year is out today! As a special thank you to my podcast listeners, I've included a free preview of the prologue and chapter one from the audiobook read by me. Here's more about the book:Freya is still searching. For four years, she's been looking for a way to fill the empty space her brother's death left behind. Ready for another distraction, Freya decides to swim every tidal pool in Britain in a year with her friend Miri. The adventure takes them from a pool hidden in the cliffs of fishing-village Polperro to the quarry lagoon of Abereiddi via Trinkie Wick where locals meet each year to give the pool wall a fresh lick of paint. As Freya travels further from London, she finds herself closer to memories of her brother. With every swim, and every stranger they meet in the water, the challenge becomes more than just a way to explore the coast, but a journey of self-discovery.The Tidal Year is a true story about the healing power of wild swimming and the space it creates for reflection, rewilding, and hope. An exploration of grief in the modern age, it's also a tale of loss, love, female rage and sisterhood.You can listen to the full audiobook on Apple Books, Audible or wherever you usually download your audiobooks. Plus, it's in bookshops around the country. Enjoy!
  • 10. Seren Jones, Co-Founder Black Swimming Association

    What makes the difference between a bad loser and a good one? Seren Jones tells us as she reflects on her time as a former competitive swimmer and what it means to dream big, and find new challenges along the way. Seren also co-founded the Black Swimming Association. We spoke about the fantastic work they do, swim safety, inclusion and our favourite places for a dip in Wales. Follow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear @serentljones@blackswimmingassociationPre-order The Tidal Year: 
  • 9. Susanne Masters, Ethnobotanist

    Every other breath we take comes from the ocean, so it's important that we look after it! Susanne Masters has great tips for how. This week's guest is plant scientist, ethnobotanist and the author of Wild Waters. We spoke about sustainable harvesting, swimming with seals and the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim.Follow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear @mastersmissBooks:Buy Wild Waters: The Tidal Year: 
  • 8. Lizzy Stewart, Illustrator

    It's hard to capture the joy of swimming in words, let alone art, but Lizzy Stewart somehow manages it. This week's guest is the wonderful illustrator and author of the graphic novel Alison. We spoke about painting pools, Devon's beaches and the connection between creativity and water.Follow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear @lizzy_stewartBooks:Buy Alison: The Tidal Year: 
  • 7. Leif Bersweden, Botanist

    When was the last time you stopped to notice the plants around you while you swam? This week's guest is Leif Bersweden, botanist and author of Where the Wildflowers Grow. We spoke about aquatic plants, where to find them and how to care for them. Follow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear Buy Where the Wildflowers Grow: The Tidal Year: 
  • 6. Tom Mason, Co-Founder of Blue Balls Cornwall

    Let's talk about men's mental health! This week's guest is Tom Mason the co-founder of Blue Balls Cornwall, a cold water swimming group specifically for the men of Cornwall. We spoke about how cold water develops resilience, building a community and tidal pools.Follow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear @blueballscornwallPre-order The Tidal Year: 
  • 5. Nina Mingya Powles, Author of Small Bodies of Water

    This week’s guest is the author of one of my favourite books of 2021: Small Bodies of Water. Nina’s writing is lyrical and poetic. She blends memoir with powerful writing on the natural world. I’m not the only one who thinks so as she’s the winner of the Nan Shepherd Prize. We spoke about nature writing in multiple languages, pools from our childhood and transitioning through the seasons by swimming. Oh and the bird we’ve spotted at Hampstead Ponds is a Mandarin duck! Our chat becomes a little bit of a swimming book club, so I hope you’re looking for some reading recommendations including work by: Jessica J Lee, Mary Jean Chan, Hannah Lowe, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Polly Atkin and Robin Wall Kimmerer. Follow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear@ninamingyaYou can buy Small Bodies of Water wherever you normally get your books.Pre-order The Tidal Year:
  • 4. Christopher Beanland, Author of Lido

    This week’s guest is the author of Lido, a stunning book that celebrates the history, design and social aspects of outdoor pools. I spoke to Christopher about the three-acts of lido history, pioneering female swimmers and how booking your lido slot is like trying to get Glastonbury tickets!Follow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear@christopherbeanlandYou can buy Lido wherever you normally get your books.Pre-order The Tidal Year: to this episode’s sponsor TRIHARD. Say goodbye to chlorine and shop their skin and hair products at 15% off with the code Tidal at
  • 3. Laura Fullerton, Founder of Monk

    What happens when you match over 5,000 years of ancestral wisdom with cutting edge science? The first at-home smart ice bath and cold water therapy app is created! This week’s guest is Monk's founder, Laura Fullerton. We chatted Hipocrates, the history of the spa and the amount of information we’re bombarded with each day. This episode was recording in October 2022. People mentioned in this episode:Wim Hof daveasprey.combengreenfieldlife.comdrbrighten.comMax Lugavere and Alicia VittiFollow:@freybromley #TheTidalYear@discovermonk Find out more about Monk and join the waitlist: Pre-order The Tidal Year: to this episode’s sponsor TRIHARD. Say goodbye to chlorine and shop their skin and hair products at 15% off with the code Tidal at