The Third Lieutenant


The Third Lieutenant Podcast: Flight 2021: Consolidate Gains

Season 2, Ep. 3

In honor of Women's History Month we salute two trailblazers who paved the way for our service. Honorary General Mary McLeod Bethune was an advisor to the United States Women’s Army for National Defense and Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. She opened the door for Brigadier General Hazel Johnson Brown to serve at the highest levels of the Department of Defense. Without these women, our military would look quite different.

Listen to hear their story and how it ultimately impacted mine.

Read correspondence between Mrs. Mary Bethune and President Harry S. Truman that led to the inclusion of Black women in the Officer Corps.

Read Timeka L. Thomas Rashid's dissertation entitled “Leading by Example: An Examination of Mary McLeod Bethune’s Leadership as a College President”.

As a note of respect, I’d like to thank my mother, my sister, and all of the amazing women and military leaders who have shared their journeys with me:

Captain Cynthia L. Turner (US Air Force)

Major Kimberly L. Mallard Brown (US Army)

Commander Melissa R. Troncoso (US Navy)

Major Natasha M. Hinds (US Army Ret)

And all of the gentlemen who have been guests… I thank the women in your lives. Your daughters, wives, and mothers for their support. One team one fight.

I am grateful.

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