The Theatre


The Theatre

Season 1

Despite never having met before, Pat and Cassandra find themselves on the creaking stage of an old theatre in New York’s Greenwich Village. There is no audience, and they stand alone, auditioning in front of an elderly and disturbing director. They have no idea why they are there or even who they are.

Once out of the theatre, Pat and Cassandra journey together in search of the truth. They will encounter many unexpected difficulties along the way, but they’ll also discover surprising revelations about themselves.

The venture raises many questions. Who are they? What lives did they leave behind when they found themselves on that decrepit stage? Could they ever return there? And if so, at what cost?

Pat and Cassandra, their partnership always veering between tragedy and comedy like an unlikely yet connected couple from some vintage TV show, can barely tolerate each other. Yet they find themselves facing all kinds of situations together, some natural, others supernatural, beyond time and space. And all the while, the FBI is constantly on their heels ...