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OpenAI Is Trippin': The Tech Jawn 107

Apple has finally decided to add RCS to the iPhone sometime in 2024, but, the company makes it clear that RCS is not coming to iMessage, thus the blue bubble vs. green bubble bullying will continue.

OpenAI fired its CEO, failed at trying to rehire him less than 24 hours later, had most of its employees threaten to leave the company if it didn’t bring him back, and is now trying to rehire him again, all while knowing Microsoft has already offered him and those who to follow him a gig.

And, Amazon is offering free AI training to up to 2 million people by 2025. It’s trying to build the AI workforce for tomorrow by training it today.

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  • 119. Google's Gemini Really Is Color Blind

    Google hits the pause button on Gemini’s ability to generate images of people after a backlash to it creating historical depictions of white people as people of color.Tyler Perry halts plans of his $800 million studio expansion after seeing what could be done with Sora, OpenAI’s text-to-video generation engine.The FTC has cracked down on H&R Block for making it hard to downgrade tax products and deleting users' data when they do.And Gab’s racist Chatbots have been instructed to deny the Holocaust.Link to Show Notes
  • Give Me My Data Money

    Shomax, an African streaming service has dethroned Netflix for top spot in the motherland and all but made Amazon Prime Video quit with its vast library of local content.Many early adopters of the Apple Vision Pro have returned their devices citing reasons from discomfort to a lack of applicationsSocial media platforms that collect vast amounts of information on us and are working out deals to sell it to AI companies to train their algorithms And are AI chatbots used in customer service liable for what they say?  Air Canada says no.Link to Show Notes
  • 117. Credit Checking Dating Apps

    Meta won’t algorithmically share political content with you in Threads from accounts you don’t already follow.  The question is do we trust  Meta to determine what content is and is not political?Score is a new dating app conceived at last year's AfroTech and requires you to have a credit score of 675 or better in order to find a match.OpenAI CEO Sam Altman seeks a measly $7 trillion for a new AI chip project.And HBCUs could benefit from the CHIPS Act if the federal government adheres to its Section 104 provisions.Link to Show Notes
  • 116. An Apple Vision Pro Review With Lamarr Wilson

    Although things aren’t as bad as last year, layoffs at big tech companies are dominating the news.  Tech hiring at companies generally not thought of as tech companies, however, can’t seem to happen fast enough.Big tech, particularly, social media companies was on trial last week.  CEO’s from Meta, TikTok, X, Snap, and Discord testified before Congress, and let's just say that things were… performative…And we’re joined by the Larmarr Wilson, a.k.a. The CEO of Unboxings.  Larmar picked up an Apple Vision Pro last Friday and stopped by to give us his first impressions and tell us what he thinks.Link to Show Notes
  • 115. Black Twitter Is Not Bothered By X

    Apple announced plans for alternative iPhone and iPad app stores in the EU, but, developers still feel some kind of way.Should linear television be concerned about live events moving to streaming platforms like Netflix and Peacock?Google Deepmind proposes a new AI to assist doctors with wellness checks.And Black Twitter is not bothered by all the things antithetical to Black culture on X.Link to Show Notes
  • 114. Using DNA To Draw Criminal Sketches?

    Fujitsu and the UK Postal Service knew about bugs in Fujitsu software that sent UK postal workers to jail from the time when the Postal Service started using it.Apple sold between 160,000 and 180,000 Vision Pro devices over the weekend and analysts believe Apple could sell as many as half a million units in 2024.The Police are using DNA to create 3-D sketches of what a suspect might look like and running the results through facial recognition software.And Apple has agreed to let developers use 3rd party payment processors outside of the App Store, but, still wants a 27% service charge for the privilege.Link to Show Notes
  • 113. OpenAI Says Naw To GPT Girlfriends

    Meta will stop treating teens like adults by curbing harmful material and reducing unwanted interactions from their Facebook and Instagram timelines.Peacock’s AFC Wild Card game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins is the most viewed live-stream event in U.S. history. OpenAI removes military application limits, bans the use of its tools in creating political ads, and prohibits the creation of GPT “girlfriends.And we spotlight Chazz Sims, a member of Forbe’s 30 Under 30 in 2021, and  CEO and founder of Wise Systems, a logistic firm that has raised over $73 million.Link to Show Notes
  • 112. Apple Officially Announced The Vision Pro Release Date Slick Right Before CES

    The Consumer Electronics Show, the largest tech show in the world kicks off this week and we’re excited about all the announcements, especially the things that actually exist. Apple officially announced the pre-order and launch dates of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset and guest host TechSavvyDiva is contemplating getting one.The Black tech talent gap is widening and it could cost Black households $350 billion by 2030.And post Geroge Floyd murder DEI initiatives at big tech companies had about a three-year run.Link to Show Notes
  • The SnobOS / Tech Jawn Feed Takeover

    Hey Folks,Robb Dunewood from The Tech Jawn here.Let me first wish everyone a Happy New Year and let you know that the crew from the Tech Jawn is off this week with our normal recording day falling on Monday.  We didn’t want your feeds to be empty so we’re doing a feed drop of @BrothaTech’s and @TechSavvyDiva’s SnobOS Podcast.  In this clip, Terrance and Nica give you the lowdown on the new Apple Hotness that came out in 2023.We’ll be back with a new live episode of the Tech Jawn next Monday, January 8th, so, until we meet again in a week’s time...Peace.