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The Tea on Tap: A Hair & Beauty Podcast

E7 | Kimono is a Kim No-No!

Season 1, Ep. 7

From kimonos and cornrows to braids and baby hairs the Kardashian clan has shamelessly appropriated and monetized hairstyles, fashions, and cultural traditions. SO. NOT. OK. We call out Kim Kardashian for her repeated cultural appropriation, especially when it comes to hairstyles. Plus: Is the black hair salon on its way out? Listen in to learn why the Tap Team hasn’t gone to the hair salon in years – and why they might never go back.

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  • 31. E 31 | Texturism Tribulations: Are Some Black Women *Still* Ashamed of Their Natural Hair

    When is the last time you wore your hair completely natural? No wigs, no braids, no tracks, no headwraps, no “personality pieces”, just...out. If you can’t remember, or the thought of it makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Even though we’re in the midst of a natural hair renaissance, Black hair is still discriminated against, legislated against, and heavily judged—and we all have to find ways to cope with that. Join Krychna, Sereine, and Lisa as they discuss questions like: Is natural 4C hair unkempt? Are women of color addicted to having hair of a certain length or apparent texture? Can your hair pass the pencil test? Tune in for the lively discussion as the Tap Team tries to untangle the roots of texturism.
  • 29. E 29 | Sorry, Mr. Jaxn. Are You For Real? (Part 1)

    Well, well, well...since 2021 clearly needed more messiness (eyeroll), here comes Mr. Derrick Jaxn (né Jackson), a relationship guru who was outed as a serial cheater. Woo chile...MESSY!! The Melanin Trifecta (aka Krychna, Sereine, and Lisa), discuss “The Video”, the wife that nobody knew he had, bonnet politics (don’t even ask, lol), the “helmet of salvation”, the “breastplate of righteousness”, and the absolute weirdness of him doing a reaction his own video. (Lawd have mercy...) There’s a lot to unpack and a lot of tea spilled. Tune in for the takedown.
  • 28. E 28 | Entanglements - The Hair Edition: Tight Braids, Brassy Color, and other Bad Decisions

    “Entanglements” became a thing last year with the whole Jada/August/Will situationship. (*Whew chile*...messy.) Well if we’re honest, we all get entangled sometimes—when it comes to our hair. The Melanin Trifecta – Krychna, Sereine, and Lisa – talk about their major hair entanglements, and discuss how they bounced back from their follicular faux pas. They also share tips to help women of color avoid common hair mistakes. Tap in for this helpful, but totally hilarious episode.
  • 27. E27 | WOC: Would You Become a White Woman If You Could?

    The Tap Team is back in ’21 with some hot, hot tea! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a white woman? And if you had the chance to be one, would you? Would you trade in the melanin? Welp. As you can imagine, Krychna, Sereine, and Lisa have lots of strong opinions about the topic, and pull no punches in sharing them. Plus: now that they have thankfully made it through part 1 of the pandemic (cause part 2 seems to be coming in hot), the ladies are just glad that 2020 is over. Tune in to hear what they wish for us all for how the New Year should be set up.
  • 26. E26 | Crushed by Corona: Can You Imagine a World With No More Bundles?

    Hold on to those weaves, y’all, a drought is a-comin'! China has been hit hard by the coronavirus, which means - among other things - that all exports of hair have ground to a halt. What’s a weave-wearer to do?!  Who will protect the protective styles? What would a world without bundles, wigs, tracks, and hair care products be like? We’re about to find out. Also on tap: From the runway to regular life, black hair is STILL marginalized. Sereine highlights the struggles that models of color are still experiencing to this day. Many of them still have to do their own hair (and makeup), whereas “mainstream” models can just show up and be beautified. When will the beauty industry get to a place of true inclusivity? And when will designers start hiring stylists that can do ALL textures of hair? Plus: There’s a pandemic on, but beauty still matters! The girls discuss how they are maintaining their hair and beauty routines during the lockdown. Grab your Lysol, and let’s sip some tea and chat about it all.
  • 25. E25 | Would You Bedazzle Your Baby Hair?

    Want to take your edges to the next level? Add a little sparkle! Sereine spills the tea on blinged-down baby hairs, the latest trend being rocked by celebrities, bloggers and street style stars alike. Plus: It’s 2020 and textured hair is more mainstream than ever! The proof? WOC have an embarrassment of choices in the hair care aisle. Listen in as the the Tap Team talks about how our hair is being shown love by everyone from box box retailers to corner beauty stores.
  • 24. E24 | Racism on the Runway: Comme Des Garçons’ Ratchet Lace Front Wigs

    File this one under: THEY TRIED IT. The famous fashion house exploits Black culture in one of the most egregious ways the Tap Team has ever seen. Lisa, Sereine, and Krychna discuss “wig-gate 2020,” and why putting white models in braided lacefronts could never be a good idea. Plus: The ladies sip some piping hot English Breakfast and P.G. Tips while discussing the whole “Megxit” situation. Has she been treated fairly by the British media, or have they done her wrong? Listen in as they unpack how it all went pear-shaped—and why Prince Harry was right to remove himself and his princess from the monarchy.
  • 23. E23 | Would You Ever Go Back to the Creamy Crack?

    Are you #teamnatural or #teamrelaxer? And if you wear your hair natural, would you jump back onto the relaxer bandwagon? The ladies spill all the tea about which team they’re on, if they ever backslid, and why all the judgment needs to stop. Plus: Is shrinkage your enemy? Sereine drops gems on heat-free methods straight from the motherland for stretching natural hair.
  • 22. E22 | Who Is That “Masked” Man, Anyway??

    A VERY famous male celebrity reveals the secret to his “je ne sais quoi”: hair masks! He and the Tap Team encourage men everywhere to nurture their follicles, and prioritize self-care. Krychna breaks down natural ingredients – fruits, vegetables, eggs, oils, and more – that we can all use to nourish, treat, and enrich our strands. Plus: Season 2 starts off with a reminder to everyone that touching Black women’s hair is NOT OK. Lisa and Sereine share their stories about when people TRIED IT, and how they dealt with the situations.