The Sweat 7


Week 20 – Episode 1 – Start the week gently…

Season 1, Ep. 58

The Sweat 7 is a new kind of workout and a new kind of podcast...


There's a simple guide to today's exercises here –


Hosted by Georgie Okell, a personal trainer, ultra runner and mental health advocate, the Team behind The Smart 7 Podcast have created a brand

new fitness experience


It's a new way to workout, with guided fitness routines, delivered with a personal touch and all the information and support you need…


In 7 minutes, Georgie will walk you through 7 routines in a customised HIIT workout with new episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday


In this Episode, we’re focusing on the Full Body at Beginner level and here are the exercises we’ll be doing


7 – Forward Lunges

6 – Squats

5 – Sit Ups

4 – High Planks

3 – Forward Lunges

2 – Squat Jumps

1 – Shoulder Taps


Remember, you can stop at any time and pause and if you’re not feeling well, speak to your doctor


This is The Sweat 7 from Daft Doris


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