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Making the US Treasury Market More Resilient

Season 1, Ep. 40

Regulators have looked for ways to make the US Treasury market more efficient, competitive and resilient. What’s been achieved and what else is needed? ISDA talks to Michelle Neal at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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  • 41. Exploring GenAI

    A new paper from ISDA Future Leaders in Derivatives explores the potential for generative artificial intelligence in the derivatives market. Scott O’Malia talks to IFLD participants Tom Reynolds and Katherine Arden about the paper’s findings and recommendations.
  • 39. Exchange of Views

    Sustainable and green finance will play a critical part in the transition to net zero. SGX’s Michael Syn talks about how the exchange is approaching this issue.
  • 38. US Treasuries and Bank Balance Sheet Capacity

    Darrell Duffie, professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has highlighted shrinking bank balance sheet capacity as a key reason for bouts of illiquidity in the US Treasury market. What’s the answer?
  • 37. Goodbye 2023

    From the final farewell of LIBOR to release of the long-awaited US capital proposals, several key issues have dominated derivatives markets in 2023. ISDA’s Scott O’Malia and Eric Litvack look back on the year.
  • 36. The EU Regulatory Agenda

    Key pieces of EU financial market regulation have been reviewed, resulting in several key changes. What will this mean for derivatives market participants? ISDA speaks to ESMA executive director Natasha Cazenave.
  • 35. Reporting Revamp

    Regulators around the world have been revising their derivatives reporting rules to incorporate global data standards. JP Morgan’s Eleanor Kelly and DTCC’s Syed Ali discuss the importance of the rules and the benefits of taking a digital approach to implementation.
  • 34. Changing Treasury Market Structure

    The US Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed increased clearing of certain US Treasury securities, but what impact would that have on market structure? Frank La Salla, president and chief executive of DTCC, gives his views.
  • 33. Building Local Markets

    The development of local derivatives markets can help boost economic growth and financial market liquidity in emerging market and developing economies, but how can jurisdictions ensure these markets are efficient and resilient? The EBRD’s Axel van Nederveen and Frontclear’s Romina Lopez Martinez give their views.