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Jay Godfrey: Are psychedelics the answer to the mental health crisis?

Season 2, Ep. 5

Today's episode is recorded in the beautiful settings at 'Nushama' in New York. My guest today, Jay Godfrey, started his career as an investment banker on Wall Street and then went on to found his own fashion brand synonymous with his name (Jay Godfrey Apparel). Following his own personal journey with mental health, Jay spent many years engaging in traditional talking therapy. Despite consistency he failed to acheive the improvements he desired. It was only when Jay discovered psychedelics did he find the shift in mental health and this led him to founding 'Nushama' - a psychedelic wellness centre based in New York - specialising in Ketamine-assisted therapy to treat a wide range of mental health conditions.

Today we delve into:

  • the history of psychedelic medicine
  • the stigma associated with the industry
  • how and why ketamine and psychedelics may actually work to improve mental health
  • what the future may hold for these treatments in the world of mental health

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    George Taktak is our guest this week. He is the Founder & CEO of the Mental Health organisation, 'How Mental'. Their mission is to make Mental Health & Wellbeing THE Global Priority. George entered the world of mental health in a unique way by developing a technology that helped him communicate with his grandad who was suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. His organisation 'How Mental' exploded in size during the pandemic and now provides much needed mental health resources and guidance to a whopping 800,000 followers online. On this episode we discuss:George's incredibly journey into the world of mental health,whether there is a better way to measure success as a society,George’s plans to build the extinction rebellion of mental health,the concept of purpose, its importance for mental health and what ours are on this planet.Instagram link: