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Sexual Consent, Journalism and the Pursuit of Nuance in Social Issues w/ Hannah Skewes

Season 1, Ep. 3
Sexual Consent, Journalism and the Pursuit of Nuance in Social Issues w/ Hannah Skewes

Hannah is a writer and advocate for mental health awareness and sexual assault prevention. She comes from a journalistic background and seeks the nuance in difficult social conversations. Hannah grew up in Mississippi in a somewhat conservative household and has learned the importance of creating space for productive dialogue where minds can be changed. 

Since this conversation took place, Hannah and I hosted "Un/pact: a creative dialogue on consent" which was an extremely impactful evening. 10 performers shared personal stories on consent including topics like "hot consent", the gray spaces of power, how to ask for what you want, sexual assault, being a survivor, religion's impact on sex, and much more.

In this episode, Hannah details parts of her own story and what she learned from an abusive and coercive marriage. This is an important conversation that I encourage you to listen to.

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  • 1. Becoming a Doctor as a Black & Female Immigrant w/ Queenie Kisang

    Becoming a doctor as a black & female immigrant w/ Queenie Kisang Talking with Queenie was truly inspiring and easily one of my favorite conversations I have ever had. She talks about the challenges of being 1 of 2 black students in med school, coming from Cameroon to find asylum in the U.S., overcoming traditional gender roles, dealing with ADHD and dyslexia, and adapting to the American education system on her road to becoming a doctor. She describes how a strong sense of self-confidence, acceptance, and creative problem-solving helped her navigate the obstacles in her way. In a few years, her goal is to specialize in family medicine and psychiatry. She credits her family and community as the foundation that has lead her to be as successful as she has been.Since this conversation has taken place, Queenie has been accepted into a family medicine program in Pueblo, Colorado and will be starting her first year of residency.
  • 2. From Masks and Self-Destruction to Heart-Centered Creativity w/ Mike Brancatelli

    From Masks and Self-Destruction to Heart-centered creativity w/ Mike BrancatelliMike Brancatelli, the Host of the Mikeadelic Podcast, is dedicated to liberty, psychadelics, and self-empowerment. Mike has been plagued with depression, escapism, and destructive habits in what he describes as his version of hell. He finds himself masking these through stand-up comedy, corporate success and travel. In 2016, his life changed when he found his healing through Ayahuasca while living with the Shipibo people in the Amazon.Mike has been on a profound and inspiring journey for personal and social truth. Through his transformation, he has found that his process has moved from the ego into vulnerability and heart-centered creativity. He hopes that this can ripple into people developing a stronger sense of curiosity, community and raw honesty in their paths.
  • 4. Individualized Learning, Sparking Curiosity in Education, and the Pursuit of Knowledge w/ Tanise Fox

    Individualized Learning, Sparking Curiosity in Education, and the Pursuit of Knowledge w/ Tanise FoxTanise has a passion for secondary education, individualized learning styles and museum exhibit design. She learned to navigate the education system with Dyslexia and ADHD on her own. Far before she was diagnosed, Tanise took it upon herself to identify creative strategies to learn. This was met with resistance from several of her teachers. She has taken those challenges and focused her efforts on creating individualized experiences to spark curiosity in youth and adults. It was really inspiring to talk with someone who is so dedicated to improving education for our community. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
  • 5. Fitness as a Medium for Authentic Community, Vulnerability and Healthy Masculinity w/ Dave Glaser

    Dave Glaser is a fitness entrepreneur who is developing authentic community and vulnerability in a world overrun with toxic masculinity and pride. He speaks about how exercise has been his number one tool to overcome anxiety and depression and he hopes that he can do the same for his clients. What started as 1:1 physical training with his mother has now blossomed into a successful business and community. In this conversation, I press him on what healthy masculinity looks like and how vulnerability can show up in the world of sports and athleticism. I have been so fed up with performative masculinity in the sports world and the lack of emotional depth. Dave had some unique solutions to these issues in the latter half of this conversation. I'm curious what you all think. Feel free to leave comments.
  • 6. Choosing Your Authentic Self, Falling in Love, and Dealing with Mental Health w/ Kamga Tchassa

    Kamga Tchassa, The Soul Stories Podcast Producer and Engineer sits down to discuss his journey as a husband, storyteller and immigrant from Cameroon. Starting out in his home country's education system, he was placed on a track to become a professional in the sciences. Growing up, he was shy and considered himself "boring". It wasn't until he learned how to choose himself, develop a love for writing, and express himself openly, did he really come alive. He speaks to dealing with mental health issues, meeting the love of his life, Queenie, his intention to become a father and how we wants to his writing to connect with those who have had similar experiences to himself. Kamga is a good a friend and incredibly sweet soul. I think you will really enjoy this one.
  • 7. Creating Meaningful Experiences, Inspiring Wonder and Awe, and Social Change w/ Shelsea Ochoa

    Shelsea is an artist, activist, and educator. She has a special ability to approach life with a sense of wonder and awe and hopes to inspire that feeling in others through creating meaningful experiences. Shelsea was home schooled, lived homeless for a short period of her teenage years, and has traveled the world. She is constantly seeking social change and believes that service with integrity comes from a place of human connection and mutual benefit. This conversation was a special one for me. Shelsea has been one of my closest friends and inspirations in life. It's a fun one! Enjoy.
  • 8. Building Bridges Across Cultures, Difficult Conversations and Transforming Community w/ Chris Martinez

    Chris is a lifelong community activist, organizer, and family man. Growing up, Chris navigated multiple identities both within his family and in the community. This helped him develop an extraordinary understanding of how to build bridges between cultures. He is dedicated to his community, Montbello, an ethnically diverse neighborhood on the Northeast side of Denver that has gone through many changes in the last couple of decades. He has traveled the world, worked in education & community development, and is currently helping create a large scale affordable housing & supermarket project. Chris is not afraid of change, discomfort, difficult conversations, and has solutions that I believe can make this world more inclusive, understanding, and connected. His wisdom, mindfulness and experience come through strong in this interview and I believe we all have a lot to learn from listening to him.
  • Pain, Community, Creativity and How to Find Your Thing w/ Danny Mazur

    I was lucky enough to be a guest on The Loving Creative where Kamga helps me share my story. We dig really deep in this interview and I reveal a lot about myself and my journey that many do not know. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Below is Kamga's description."Daniel "Danny" Mazur considers himself a "born-again creative". This episode of the podcast takes us on an emotional journey from the time he became an accidental poet, what he calls 'the year of mania', and the first iteration of what we see today as Soul Stories.Danny and I talk about: Creating from pain The people you attract with your creativity The unique exercise that helped solidify his calling.  The support he's had on his journey, How he handles negative feedback.Discipline, rest, and self-care as a creative."For more from the Loving Creative visit: