The Soul Stories Podcast


Reckoning with White, Patriarchal, Purity Culture with Heatherlyn

Season 3, Ep. 3

Heatherlyn is an interdependent, international singer/song-writer, poet, founder and host of her Storydwelling in-depth talk show. Heatherlyn grew up in, as she describes it, white, patriarchal, purity culture in Maine where her "inner artist" had been crushed early on. In this episode, we take a deep dive into how we both dismantle and perpetuate sexual shame, white supremacy, and patriarchy. The themes are heavy, but the conversation is joyful and full of laughter. I honestly had a blast doing it and hope you do as well.


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Beginning - Growing up in Maine and finding community in the church

6:02 - Being told her inner artist is not okay

9:10 - Experiencing patriarchal, purity culture in the church

15:57 - Sexual shame and its traumatic effects

19:22 - Storytelling, myths and healing

27:30 - Reckoning with white patriarchy and how we perpetuate it 

38:32 - Dismantling and deconstructing toxic narratives

41:13 - Separating faith from religion and Heatherlyn's journey to discover truth

49:50 - Choosing her passion for music and the sacrifices to do so

1:02:49 - What's next for Heatherlyn

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