The Soul Stories Podcast


Pain, Community, Creativity and How to Find Your Thing w/ Danny Mazur

Season 1

I was lucky enough to be a guest on The Loving Creative where Kamga helps me share my story. We dig really deep in this interview and I reveal a lot about myself and my journey that many do not know. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Below is Kamga's description.

"Daniel "Danny" Mazur considers himself a "born-again creative". This episode of the podcast takes us on an emotional journey from the time he became an accidental poet, what he calls 'the year of mania', and the first iteration of what we see today as Soul Stories.

Danny and I talk about: 

  • Creating from pain 
  • The people you attract with your creativity 
  • The unique exercise that helped solidify his calling.  
  • The support he's had on his journey, 
  • How he handles negative feedback.
  • Discipline, rest, and self-care as a creative."

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