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From Masks and Self-Destruction to Heart-Centered Creativity w/ Mike Brancatelli

Season 1, Ep. 2
From Masks and Self-Destruction to Heart-centered creativity w/ Mike Brancatelli

Mike Brancatelli, the Host of the Mikeadelic Podcast, is dedicated to liberty, psychadelics, and self-empowerment. Mike has been plagued with depression, escapism, and destructive habits in what he describes as his version of hell. He finds himself masking these through stand-up comedy, corporate success and travel. In 2016, his life changed when he found his healing through Ayahuasca while living with the Shipibo people in the Amazon.

Mike has been on a profound and inspiring journey for personal and social truth. Through his transformation, he has found that his process has moved from the ego into vulnerability and heart-centered creativity. He hopes that this can ripple into people developing a stronger sense of curiosity, community and raw honesty in their paths.

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