The Soul Stories Podcast


Following Inner Wisdom with Jackson Holzberg-Buckley

Season 3, Ep. 2

Jackson is a teacher, student, and author of the forthcoming "Literature: How to Read and Understand the World". In our conversation, Jackson takes us through his transformative journey. He finds himself spiraling into a dark period in which he describes being a slave to himself. Then he has a close encounter with death that changes his life. In this profound and meaningful episode, Jackson and I discuss religion, aligning with your path and whether free will exists or not. This is one of those episodes that will give you plenty to chew on.  Here's our conversation!


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Note: You may notice Jackson's voice sounds different than Danny's. This is because the conversation was conducted on Zoom.


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Beginning - Growing up in California and exposure to the creative arts

7:25 - Spiritual openness, religion and being an old soul

18:13 - Self-conscious creativity: "There's this feeling that if I'm my true self, I'm going to be punished for it"

24:52 - "The darkest period of my life"

32:30 - How a close encounter with death became a wake-up call

40:50 - Needing help and investing in relationships

45:00 - Going from being a slave to yourself into trusting and loving yourself

49:50 - Does free will exist?

56:00 - Having a prophetic dream

1:01:25 - Finding alignment with your path

1:04:20 - What Jackson is creating for the world

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