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Becoming a Doctor as a Black & Female Immigrant w/ Queenie Kisang

Season 1, Ep. 1
Becoming a doctor as a black & female immigrant w/ Queenie Kisang 

Talking with Queenie was truly inspiring and easily one of my favorite conversations I have ever had. She talks about the challenges of being 1 of 2 black students in med school, coming from Cameroon to find asylum in the U.S., overcoming traditional gender roles, dealing with ADHD and dyslexia, and adapting to the American education system on her road to becoming a doctor. She describes how a strong sense of self-confidence, acceptance, and creative problem-solving helped her navigate the obstacles in her way. In a few years, her goal is to specialize in family medicine and psychiatry. She credits her family and community as the foundation that has lead her to be as successful as she has been.

Since this conversation has taken place, Queenie has been accepted into a family medicine program in Pueblo, Colorado and will be starting her first year of residency.

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