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The SmartCity Roundtable Part 2

Season 2, Ep. 36

On the second part of the Smart City roundtable, we dig deeper into where we are, and where things are going.

LocomobiWorld CEO Grant Furlane leads us through the discussion.

Carter Li - SWTCH Energy Inc.

Scott McWilliam - Kite Mobility

Ted Maulucci - SmartONE

Brian Storrie - LocoMobi World Inc.

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Yona Shtern, CEO of Hapbee

Season 2, Ep. 38
Yona Shtern Alan Cross & Grant Furlane as they discuss Wearable Technology with Yona Shtern, CEO of Hapbee.Hapbee – a publicly-traded, is a wearable wellness technology company that is on a mission to improve the lives of 10 million people. Hapbee (which trades under the ticker symbol HAPB on the TSXV) puts people in control of how they feel, work, play and sleep – all without the nasty side effects of ingesting pills, drinks or any other substances that carry all kinds of nasty side effects that come with ingesting and metabolizing them.Hapbee allows users to play the same magnetic signatures that compounds like melatonin, caffeine, adenosine, nicotine, and CBD would otherwise release in your body to trigger feelings like deep sleep, awake, drowsy, calm, focus and relaxed. Think Spotify for how you want to feel. It’s totally Star Trek, totally game-changing and totally works. Athletes, military vets, and professionals are among the growing community of Hapbee users.Yona is a serial entrepreneur and business builder who has successfully scaled disruptive businesses in technology and consumer goods. He was CEO of Arrive (digital parking), CEO of Beyond the Rack (e-commerce marketplace), Board Member at (resale marketplace) and previously led e-commerce & database marketing for Saks Avenue, Avon Products and Microcell Telecommunications. He was Start Up Canada’s Entrepreneur of The Year in 2014 and is a frequent speaker to management students at McGill University (his alma mater), Yale and at many start-up and business conferences.