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The Sunday 7 – Adios to the iPod, The dangers of Arctic Carbon and the Sound of a Black Hole

Ep. 379

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Today's episode includes references to the following guests:

  • Chandni Singh - Indian Institute for Human Settlements
  • Chris Merriman - Technology reporter
  • Susan Natali - Arctic ecologist at the Woodwell Climate Reserach Center
  • Elizabeth Radcliffe - Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Professor Lenny Koh - Director of the Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability the University of Sheffield
  • Dr Simi Adedeji - NHS GP & Cosmetic Doctor
  • Sarah Hamylton - Senior Lecturer School of Earth & Environmental Science University of Wollongong

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Presented by Ciara Revins, written by Liam Thompson and produced by Daft Doris.

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