cover art for Chapter 1: Let Me Speak First Of Revelations

The Silt Verses

Chapter 1: Let Me Speak First Of Revelations

Season 1, Ep. 1

At the town of Marcel's Crossing, Carpenter and Faulkner begin their search for other members of their forgotten river-god faith.

(Sound levels adjusted 3rd July 2022.)

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  • 2. Chapter 2: And Next Of Dark Deceit

    Carpenter and Faulkner begin their hunt for a hidden church, hoping to find the worshippers responsible for the Miracle of the Intrepid.Content warning: contains scenes of drowning and child death.Sound levels adjusted 3rd July 2022.
  • 3. Chapter 3: Then I'll Speak Of Champions

    Elsewhere on the Peninsula, Investigating Officer Hayward checks out a tip regarding a nearly-derelict farm.Content warning: This episode contains scenes of animal death and pain, as well as references to police corruption and violence, starvation and auto-cannibalism. Audio levels adjusted 3rd July 2022.
  • 4. Chapter 4: Of Lovers, Gods and Beasts

    Carpenter attempts to locate the Trawler-Man's church in the woods of Penda's Slake - but runs into trouble instead.Content warnings: This episode contains scenes of animal death, ritual sacrifice and intense body horror.
  • 5. Chapter 5: My Song Is Long And Twisted

    Faulkner learns the location of a fellow member of the faith. Carpenter, recovering from her injuries, makes a new acquaintance.Content warnings:This episode contains scenes of drowning, as well as references to mutilation, murder and implied animal death.
  • 6. Chapter 6: It Winds, It Worms, It Wends

    As the fallout spreads in Marcel's Crossing, our disciples reflect on how it all began...Please note, for listeners who have audio-processing difficulties: this episode contains scenes with background crowd noise.
  • 7. Chapter 7: It Carries Few, It Drowns Many

    Across the border on the Linger Straits, a young advertising executive finds herself increasingly at odds with her company's change programme.Contains scenes of mass death, sacrifice, and abduction.
  • 8. Chapter 8: And Those I Love, It Rends

    Paige, Carpenter, and Faulkner investigate the mysterious house of a fellow worshipper - and find more than they bargained for.
  • 9. Chapter 9: My Song Has Taken Hold Of Me

    As Hayward deals with the aftermath of Marcel's Crossing, he finds his investigation leading him heading northwards with a new partner on his side.Content warnings: contains scenes of death, gun violence, police violence and intimidation