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Cycles of Success: Four Phases to Maximize Your Potential with Paige Easter

Ep. 54

Whether you are a man or a woman, everyone has energetic cycles happening internally that match up with the cycles of the outside world. When you really look at it, everything in our world is cyclical. Cyclical living is all about aligning your actions with the cycle that you are in at the moment and scheduling things based as much as possible on that desire for alignment. 

Today, co-hosts Ben and Paige Easter share productivity tips based on maximizing your energetic cycles and discuss how the menstrual cycle could actually be viewed as empowering women with a simple mindset shift. 

Using the natural cycles within your body to your advantage is a key component of creating your freedom. Take a look around and see where this concept of cycles fits in with your life. What is the world doing and what is your body doing? How is your energy, your appetite, your drive to connect or sleep, etc.? 

Don't miss out on this enlightening episode as Ben and Paige unravel the mysteries of cycles, empowering you to embrace your cyclical nature and thrive in all aspects of life.


  • “Everything in our world is cyclical.” (3:11-3:13 | Paige)
  • “Man or woman, old or young, we're still having energetic cycles that are happening in our bodies.” (16:06-16:11 | Ben)
  • “It's not that you can't do anything at any time. It’s just that the cost of doing that thing goes up if it's out of alignment with the natural phase of our reality.” (21:41-21:53 | Ben)
  • “There actually is a very real physiological thing that happens when your body loses resources and you have to regenerate them afterwards in order to get yourself back to baseline.” (30:04-30:13 | Ben)
  • “I want to encourage everyone to notice where they are, where their energy is. Start taking account of what is happening around you.” (30:17-30:26 | Paige) 


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    "Every toleration we hold onto is like a program running in the background, draining our energy and holding us back from living our freedom. It's time to reboot, clear the list, and become the version of ourselves that takes care of what's important. Zap those tolerations and watch as your mental space and self-image transform." - Ben EasterAre you tired of feeling overwhelmed and burdened by the little things in life? Do you want to break free from the energy-draining monster known as tolerations? In this week’s episode, Ben and Paige Easter dive into the important topic of tolerations. They discuss how tolerations can drain our energy and hold us back from living our best lives. Drawing from an analogy of computer system maintenance, they emphasize the importance of identifying and addressing these tolerations to free up mental space and boost productivity. The hosts share practical strategies, such as creating a list of tolerations and prioritizing them based on values alignment and impact. They also highlight the transformative power of taking action on these tolerations, not only in terms of clearing our physical and mental space but also in shaping our self-image and identity.Key Takeaways:Tolerations are the things in our reality that we are unsatisfied with or that require our attention.Tolerations can lead to feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and confusion, as well as negatively impact our self-esteem.Writing down our tolerations and creating a list helps us identify and prioritize them.Taking action to address tolerations not only frees up mental space but also reinforces our identity as someone who takes care of things.Quotes:"There's just this aspect of reality where you just like you decide that you're going to take care of the things that are important to you to take care of in your reality. And there's something so both kind of nervous and intimidating about that decision, and also at the same time, so liberating once you've made the decision, you're just like, yeah, you know what? I take care of the things that are in my reality that I'm going to take care of." (5:40 | Paige Easter)"Sometimes just getting them out of your head, you can be like, oh, that's actually not that hard to do. I can just handle that. And you might feel inspired just writing the list down. You might notice that you get a little inspiration to go take care of some things because they're now present in your mind and aware. And as you write the list, you start to imagine yourself doing it." (25:03 | Paige Easter) "Every once in a while, go grab something off that list. If you do one a week and pull one of your tolerations off a week, you'll feel amazing." (21:12 | Ben Easter) Links:Connect with Ben and Paige:Website: Shift Coaching IG: Candlelight: production and show notes provided by
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    "Love and fear are the driving forces in life. When we lean towards love, listen to our hearts, and take courageous leaps, we contribute to a better reality for everyone. It's about embracing courage and understanding, rather than succumbing to fear," says Paige Easter, Co-host of the Shift to Freedom podcast.This week, Ben and Paige are digging into their impressions of the beloved Disney classic, Pocahontas! While Ben experiences the movie for the first time, Paige fondly recalls it as a cherished part of her childhood. The hosts explore the film's themes of love and fear, and the thought-provoking interplay of toxic masculinity versus healthy masculinity portrayed through the movie’s supporting characters. While Pocahontas may not boast metaphors like other Disney classics, the hosts celebrate the lessons and insights that Pocahontas imparts about having the courage to follow your heart in the face of adversity, taking the time to truly listen to those you disagree with in order to resolve differences, and generally following your heart’s call.Key Takeaways:Love and understanding possess the power to conquer fear and turmoilAttentive listening bridges gaps and nurtures connectionsChoosing the path less traveled, coupled with an adventurous spirit, can lead to genuine personal fulfillmentQuotes"I think it is a risky path to ride the river that is less known and that is choppier, and that is less smooth. But ultimately, the willingness to embrace courage, and listen and understand things in your world will serve you in the long run and will amount to much more safety than just following the traditional path where you actually still don't know what is around the bend." (25:42 | Ben Easter)"For me, it was all about love and fear and that when you are leaning towards and allowing yourself to want things and listen to your heart that you take courageous leaps in it contributes to a better reality for everybody who's in it - versus being afraid and fearful and ending up (where) people get hurt." (25:37 | Paige Easter)LinksConnect with Ben and Paige:Website: Shift Coaching IG: Candlelight: production and show notes provided by
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    Are you living within alignment with your core values? In today’s episode, co-hosts Ben and Paige Easter are back to guide you on a purposeful journey toward freedom using core values as a compass. Whether you are brand new to the idea of core values or already have a list that you live by, reflecting on what matters most to you is a useful tool for growing and creating meaning within your life. If life’s purpose is the experience of your values, then you owe it to yourself to get really clear about what those values are and how you wish to see them expressed in your life. When you take the time to put words to these abstract concepts, it becomes easier to remember your values in the moment and make aligned decisions.Tips for creating your compass:Core values are intrinsic, abstract and universal.We feel joy and purpose when we are living in alignment with our core values.Values are shorthand. They are represented by words that will spark your memory of whole concepts and do not have to even make sense to other people. Write a list of your core values, whittling it down over time to the ones that are the most important to you.Use your emotions to guide you on what your values are. Try describing your favorite person in the world and see what values you attribute to them.Return to your values list again and again, because values will shift as you grow and change.Use your newly written core values list as a guide to help you along your journey to freedom. If you are engaging in activities that do not reflect your values or hanging out with people who are out of alignment with the world you are trying to build, then it may be time to begin embracing change. Put boundaries in place to protect your values and start living your life to the fullest!Quotes“Joy is the experience of our core values.” (3:56 | Ben) “When we're creating a list of core values, what we're doing is we're making a shorthand for what is our operating system so that we can more quickly run through our checklist instead of trying to hold all things equally important and then find ourselves in analysis paralysis and not able to create meaning.” (4:25 | Paige)“I believe that your life's purpose is the experience of your values.” (5:00 | Ben)“I think of our emotions as our engine lights. These are what come up to tell us, hey, something wants to be paid attention to… somewhere between three and 10 would probably be a good place to start.” (10:02 | Paige) “Envy is a really good emotion to show us what we actually want in the world.” (14:10 | Paige)“We're so close to our values that we might not even notice what is important to us, because it's so core to who we are.” (18:56 | Ben)“Every time there's a fight between two people, there's a core values misalignment.” (25:00 | Ben)LinksConnect with Ben and Paige:Website: Shift Coaching IG: Candlelight: production and show notes provided by