The Shark Effect


Are you a fish or a shark?

Season 1, Ep. 1

Thank you for joining me in my first episode of The Shark Effect. I’m Alex Molden – a former NFL Veteran and current leadership and personal development speaker and coach – and I’m here to inspire you every week through stories from leaders of all walks of life that not only overcame obstacles but also learned core principles and applied them to their successful careers.

I deeply believe in foundations and that’s why today I’m laying the first brick of my future relationship with you, my listener, by sharing bits of my past that led me here, in your ears.

On top of my background, tune in to find out the story of a fisherman in Japan that learned a valuable lesson, and also how to apply the 3A’s formula that all successful teams follow.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • My intention with this podcast and what you can expect to hear. (00:45)
  • A little bit about who I am. (03:02)
  • The triple A’s that set you up for success: Assignment, Alignment, and Adjustment. (05:42)
  • The phrase that changed my life: “Alex, you don’t know who you are!” (14:25)
  • Why I chose the name, “Shark Effect”. (18:22)

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