The Shark Effect


Having a plan for success

Season 1, Ep. 5

In this episode Angelo Wright (my former agent) shares his insights about today's athlete and what roadblocks are ahead. Angelo has had many of uncomfortable conversations with his athletes (me included), but it was something that they needed to hear. Sometimes athletes' ability and ego (if left unchecked) can cause them to falter in their pursuit of perfection...they often need someone who gives them an unbiased opinion so they can see the blind spots of their personal and professional lives. Angelo provides that voice for his athletes...we can learn something from him.

5:43 Fact over feelings

9:08 Success trends

13:30 Only seeing what's in front of us

16:30 It starts at home

19:12 Parents just don't understand

19:46 What Angelo looks for when recruiting athletes

23:30 Having a success plan

30:17 Blitz period

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