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Welcome to the Shark Effect. I’m your host, Alex Molden. I’m a former NFL player and now I am a Leadership & personal development speaker & coach. In this podcast you will hear inspirational & humorous stories from leade

Astor Chambers | How to create personal brand strategies

Ep. 24
Astor Chambers is widely recognized as an accomplished marketer and speaker with over 20+ years experience in the sports and entertainment fields and has a proficient understanding of the mindset of today’s consumer, trendsetters and influencers. Mr. Chambers was most recently the Sr. Director for STATEMENT at Adidas where he was responsible for overseeing the Music collaborations for the brand globally while working closely with the likes of Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Jonah Hill, Yara Shahidi, Kerwin Frost, NINJA and Pusha T to name a few. Prior to working at Adidas Mr. Chambers has held multiple leadership roles at NIKE as Global Merchandising Director for Energy, Project Lead/Director of the World Basketball Festival, Category Business Director for Jordan, Footwear Director of Sportswear and Entertainment Marketing Manager. In addition to the above roles Mr. Chambers also launched the lifestyle brand Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream footwear with Pharrell Williams and NIGO. His journey has taken him on many roads and before coming to Adidas he left NIKE to manage his daughter who sings/acts and had an opportunity at the age of 10 years old to be on Broadway in the Andrew Lloyd Webber production “School of Rock” The Musical. An innovator, energy giver, connector and motivator who has been driven by always looking to exceed the expectations of what defines success.What you will learn:Why your brand is so importantAligning your passion with your purposeHow using relationships can help open doorsHow to create your M.V.P. (Mission/Vision/Positioning)How to create significance for yourselfHow making the expectation gam smaller can empower othersUnderstanding repetition is reputationHow to avoid wrecking your brandConnect with Astor:IGLinkedInLet's connect:LinkedInIGFacebookwebsiteDon't forget to Subscribe, Rate & Review (5 stars are dope)!

Chris Tuff | Discovering what Millennials really want

Ep. 23
My guest this week is Chris Tuff, a New York Times best selling author (The Millennial Whisperer). He shares about his 64 failed job interviews, understanding his zone of passion & his new book.Chris published his first book on February 12th 2019 called “The Millennial Whisperer” (USA Today National Bestseller #2 business book) which covers how to lead what he calls “one the most misunderstood generations of all time”- Millennials.Chris was one of the first marketers to work directly with Facebook in 2005, and is now one of the foremost thought leaders in the digital space. Always on top of emerging trends, he oversees all content marketing and helps push to get our existing clients access to first-to-market ad products and offerings. He’s responsible for partnership development with technology and media companies like Twitter, Google, Facebook, and beyond.Featured:Front page of the Wall Street JournalFast CompanyNew York TimesWiredABC NewsBloombergAdweekAdageBusiness InsiderDigidaySocial TimesSocial FreshAllfacebookiMedia ConnectionSpecialties: Attracting, motivating and leading millennials. All things social media and emerging technology. Advisor to startups/Angel Investor.What you will learn:What millennials really want out of a leader (inspirational, autonomy & transparency) "Protect this house" to drive cultureHow to turn your passions into currency Secrets to networking: race to the middleHow to "Shawshank" your way to making connectionsHow to not be a "askhole"Always have a Side HustleLearning your metrics of successReprogramming your thinkingTurn your let's when Connect with Chris:IGFBWebsiteLinkedInBookLet's connect:LinkedInIGFacebookwebsiteDon't forget to Subscribe, Rate & Review (5 stars are dope)!

Ryan McNeil | The Anatomy of winning teams: Principles of success on & off the field

00Ep. 21
Ryan McNeil is a former NFL All-Pro Cornerback who played 11 years in the NFL. Currently, Ryan is the Founder and Managing Partner of OT Enterprises, Inc. a media, marketing and technology firm focused on the business and lifestyle of sports.His path to becoming a high performer led him to the University of Miami where he was a captain of the team that won 2 National championships. He later on became the 1st pick of the Detroit Lions in the 1992 draft. Ryan was a All-Pro during his illustrious 11-year career but what stands out the most about Ryan was his focus on his businesses when he was playing pro ball. The principles that gave him success on the field were the same off the field too.What you will learn:-To be the best you have to “play-up”-the feeling of being wanted can propel you to another level-principles of the classroom and the field (study = success)-being prepared can help speed up your learning curve-martial arts and discipline-begin w/the end in mind-owning your path-using past experiences to track/define success-paying your dummy tax-carrying your own boxes-leverage who you are-finding a mentor was a key, open to learn new things, allow yourself to make mistakes-good leaders align their words w/their actions, they are the standard-leaders create other leaders-S.W.A.T. analysis (structure for your life)Connect w/ Ryan:LinkedInWebsiteFBLet's connect:LinkedInIGFacebookwebsiteDon't forget to Subscribe, Rate & Review (5 stars are cool)!