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Episode 13 - TIM SNIDER, VIOLIN WARRIOR (Part 1)

Ep. 13

To most of the world, Tim Snider is best known as the Violin Warrior in the band Nahko and Medicine for the People. But my fans might remember Tim from when we shared stages together back in the day, on the road during his time as the leader of a young band called Sol'Jibe.

I know few people who’ve experienced 'the music life' from as many perspectives as Tim has. He started as a bandleader, and he built his band up to full-time multi-regional success around America. Then he went solo, and made his mark up and down the west coast as a one man violin looping show... and now he finds himself as a sideman in one of the fastest rising acts I’ve seen in recent musical history.

We covered a LOT in a fascinating, two-part conversation... during the fiercest rainstorm Central New York has seen in years.

Tim's website:

Nahko & Medicine for the People:

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Tim mentions these influences during our conversation in this episode:

Jazz Violinists

Jean-Luc Ponty

Stéphane Grappelliéphane_Grappelli

Stuff Smith

Regina Carter

Flamenco guitarists

Paco de Lucíaía

Al Di Meola

Vicente Amigo

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