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The Seth Horan Podcast - Episode 6 - ilyAIMY (Part 1)

This episode, my guests are Rob Hinkal and Heather Aubrey Lloyd of ilyAIMY (I Love You And I Miss You).They are a band of anywhere from two to six people, depending on the setting.  Based in Baltimore Maryland, they have cultivated a tribal following all over the USA with their very intense, acoustic songwriting.  At their largest, they include multiple vocalists, acoustic guitars, drums, cello, bass, piano, djembe... and BONES. Rob and Heather are the dual creative forces behind the group, and have a unique and compelling sixteen year history. They shared some of their story and their perspectives, as well as insight into their songs, in a fun and wide-ranging two part conversation.  (their website is actually *better* than their social media sites) February Album Writing Month:   My earlier podcast with Joel Ackerson and The Novelists:   To gain access to Part 2 of this and all my other podcasts, as well as all the new music I release, please support me through Patreon: -- A $1 pledge comes out to roughly eight to ten dollars per year, so for the price of two lattes, you'll never miss anything I do.  Check it out!

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