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The Seth Horan Podcast - Episode 9 - Embrace The Face. (Part 1)

Happy New Year, everyone.  This episode is a look at how I'm changing things up this year… by posting a lot more video…. and by Embracing The Face.  We also listen to some bass-centric original songs, if you're in to that sort of thing.  Enjoy! (Original songs:  “Splinter” - “The Augurs Tell Rome When To Go To War” - “Nobody Nothing”) LINKS: “Splinter”; the new song-in-progress: Ra Diaz' Instagram post: Support my music by subscribing to my Patreon page -  (Subscribers have access to Part 2 of each episode, with more in-depth features and interviews, plus full-length songs!) IF YOU'RE NEW AROUND HERE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'RE SIGNED UP ON MY EMAIL LIST  (and that you have in your contact list so I don't end up in your spam folder!) Sign up here: Thanks for listening, and for your support!  

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